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Hakim Power: "Quaere"

Quaere is the Hakim of the drive to become and be more. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi can obtain will energy.

Manifestation of the Hakim in the Realm of Anaes: 

Quaere is the Hakim of will power and motivation. It is through Quaere that Anaesian creatures even have the innate drive to do what they need to do and to seek to become greater, better, or stronger.

Manifestation of the Hakim in our world:

In our world, Quaere is what you tap into when you really want that cookie or simply want your situation to be better and greater. Quaere is not actually the goal you set. Instead, it is your inner reserve of how much effort and energy you have to give to the pursuit of that goal. Similarly to Physis, Quaere is your unseen source of energy that fuels you.

Continue your Adventure

Each Bixi needs to attune the power of the Hakim to themselves through a collection of fun questions:

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