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Projects and Releases

The Grey Tavern is dedicated to sharing unifying principles that celebrate our purpose as Eloai- the children of the Lightbringer in whatever way He or She manifests in your life. As many of these principles and elements are special and sacred to many people, we take great care to present them with consideration, delicacy, and respect in Grey Tavern lore, with our overarching goal in mind which is to share unifying truths of religions across the world.

Grey Tavern lore, as it was presented to you on May 17th, 2021, is in its infancy. There is still a great amount of lore to be revealed. In addition, releases of products, chapter books, comics, art, games, and so much more are in the works. Each will be designed so you may experience the lore for yourselves and with your friends.

Release Schedule 2021


  • "Water" Update- 17th
    Release of the foundational Grey Tavern lore. Releases included the first publication of the Book of Lore. This initial publication consisted of 25 pages outlining the origin story of the lore and key figures such as The Lightbringer, The Eldest, three of twelve Elder Lords, and Eloai.

  • What is the Grey Tavern- 18th
    An explanation of the Grey Tavern's purpose and an introduction to the three creators of the Grey Tavern.

  • Projects and Releases Page- 19th
    A list of major releases and projects. These contain details of the releases and projects as well as their launch dates. This list contains historical, under current development, and upcoming releases and projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • Webtoon- Date to be Determined
    Details coming soon!

  • Source Stones- Date to be Determined
    Brand new line of products coming soon!

  • "Fire" Update- Date to be Determined
    Second installment to the Book of Lore.