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Hakim Power: "Percipere"

Percipere is the Hakim of sense and of interpretation of what is perceived. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi can sense the Anaesian Realm.

Manifestation of the Hakim in the Realm of Anaes: 

As the Hakim of sense, Percipere is primarily over traits and powers of awareness, alertness, and connection. It is through Percipere that Bixis, through their Bonded creature, can connect with the environment of Anaes and perceive the creature of Anaes.

Manifestation of the Hakim in our world:

In our world, the Hakim of Percipere is responsible for helping us to make sense of the world around us. Though it, we are able to see the world. We are able to hear the wind. We are able to taste food. We are able to feel softness of fur. Not only do we perceive these things, but Percipere is responsible for helping us to interpret what we are perceiving and make sense of it.

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