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Hakim Power: "Karo"

Karo is the Hakim of one’s goal or aim in the moment. Usually Karo is the power of physical motivation.

Manifestation of the Hakim in the Realm of Anaes: 

Karo is the Hakim that drives our physical needs and desires. It is through the power of Karo that Bixis can see their Bonded creature is hungry, wants a mate, is thirst, or wants to have fun. It is through Karo that Bixis help keep their Bonded creature alive and happy while avoiding or overcoming pain and actions taht drain energy. 

Manifestation of the Hakim in our world:

In our world, Karo is the desire to keep oneself whole and flourishing within the bounds of environmental as well as interpersonal expectations. Karo is about learning how to identify what you need and want for you to be physical sustained and full of energy. Through Karo, we learn to keep ourselves safe and away from situation that would harm us or be draining for us. On the other hand, we also learn what we like and what refuels us.

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