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Hakim Power: "Inhaerens"

Inhaerens is the Hakim of determination and execution. Once this "Character" is acquired, a Bixi will have the ability to better persevere when things get hard.

Manifestation of the Hakim in the Realm of Anaes: 

The Hakim of Inhaerens is the power by which Anaesian creatures make judgments on a situation and determine a way forward based on what they've experienced in the past. Inhaerens is the power of weighing a circumstance against the importance of a task or mission. This is done to determine how hard a situation will be to execute and whether that outweighs the importance of waht needs to be done that the situation may be preventing.

Manifestation of the Hakim in our world:

In our world, the Hakim of Inhaerens is learned simply through gaining experience and comparing the present to this experience. You use Inhaerens when you decide you should get rainboots to play in the rain rather than tennis shoes because your tennis shoes got soaked last time. The Hakim of Inhaerens is essential for helping us to do things in an easier way or knowing when to act even though it's going to be hard.

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Each Bixi needs to attune the power of the Hakim to themselves through a collection of fun questions:

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