All "Retired" artifacts will become available Nov 4th - Jan 1st

Grey Tavern Rules


  • The Grey Tavern is an open discussion environment. Anything can be discussed, however each person is responsible for their own words. And The Grey Tavern will not be held responsible for anything that is said within its walls. Discuss at your own risk.
  • The Grey Tavern is not a place of rowdiness. It is a place where one can be jovial but the atmosphere should be kept at a calm, wholesome level where discussion, ideation both in groups and personally, and pondering can always be had.
  • You must call others by their Animus name while within the Grey Tavern. This is a fun element as well as a way of protecting your identity from those who you do not wish to know your true name. This is especially important for children and minors. We strongly suggest that if you desire to share your name with others that it is with those you trust. The Grey Tavern will not be held responsible if there are problems or issues that may arise from sharing your identify with others. 
  • Put back what you’ve moved before you leave.
  • Do not take others’ Grey Tavern Coins.
  • Before leaving, please place your used dishes, cups, napkins, and items of the like in the basket on the bar.
  • Be respectful of others’ opinions and allow others opportunities to share their insights.

Political Fanaticism and the Abomination of Silence

  • Within the Grey Tavern, we place a considerable amount of value upon freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Within the walls of the Grey Tavern, you are allowed to speak on any subject. There are no restrictions. This includes vile, unusual, foreign, and uncomfortable topics. If at any time a subject arises that you do not wish to hear or participate in, whether it be your clan or not your clan that is in the majority within the Tavern at that time, you may request a change of subject. However, if the request is denied by any representative of any present clan, the rules of clan majority will apply. In short, if you are the one who takes offense to a conversation and your clan has an equal or lesser number to the next sized clan, you may request that the smaller clan move to another location. However, if you and your clan are in the minority, you do not have the right to request a greater clan to cease discussion and to leave. Instead, you may remove yourself as well as anyone else within your clan who willingly desires to go with you. Additionally, no physical action can ever take place against a clan whether they be in the right or in the wrong to remove that clan, especially for the purposes of uncomfortable speech. Violations of clan courtesy laws must be reported to a Dark Fey or Dark Fey representative. Within the Grey Tavern, we speak of many things and we travel to many realms of thought. Your opinions are infinitely valuable but they do not exceed the value of any other patron. 
  • Subjects involving politics, religion, culture, sexual orientation, social normalities, etc are invited to be discussed within the Grey Tavern. There are however different locations with differing levels of appropriate subjects, though these room designations are primarily established to protect the minds of younger Fey kind. If you are over the age of 18, you are permitted to enter nearly every level of communication within the Grey Tavern unless otherwise specified according to country or judicial requirements. 
  • Regardless of age, all Fey kind are expected to maintain a moderate or lower volume level while within most rooms of the Grey Tavern. If future rules are required to add additional clarification to this point, they will be made, but in the meantime, try to maintain a volume appropriate to your clan size, allowing for others of other clans to enjoy a relatively peaceful experience. 

Game Creation and Projects

  • You must be invited by J. R. Casimir to participate in Grey Tavern Games or Projects, which differ from the incentivization program though both work with the same reward structure.
  • Projects will be given to you based on your proactiveness, timeliness, and honesty to your word. This will be determined by a 3 Strike System. This system will restart with each new project given to you. This will be signaled either by a message from Casimir or her directly communicating the project to you.
    • Two days after the project is given, you will receive a message asking (1) if you didn’t respond to the message, if you accept the project with an explanation that it will be given to another if you don’t confirm in the next two days or (2) how the project is going if you have sent Casimir a confirmation that you will take on the project. The First Strike is when you have confirmed you will take on the project but haven’t started it yet. Now, there are legitimate reasons for not being able to start by this first outreach, but these must be explained to Casimir and she holds that last say on whether it is legitimate and whether to give a First Strike or not. You will receive a follow up two days after receiving the First Strike. If you still have not started the project, it will be given to another. With the first instance, not confirming that you will take on a project after the extra two days given is an automatic Three Strikes and the project will be given to another.
    • The next follow up will occur between three days to a week after the first follow up, depending upon the deadline for the project. You will be asked how the project is going and if you need any help. If you do not respond within 24 hours, you will receive a message saying that if you don’t respond in two days, it will be given to another simply because the project needs to get done. If you do not respond within this time period, the project will be given to another and you will receive a Second Strike. You will also receive a Second Strike if you haven’t worked on the project during this time period. Again, if there are legitimate reasons for not responding or being able to work on a project during their respective time periods, please express them to Casimir. She holds the final say on whether it is legitimate and whether to give the strike. She also holds the right to allow you to keep the project, if the reasoning is legitimate, but may move certain parts of the project to another person who will turn in their work to you to help move the project along.
    • The Third Strike is given if a deadline is not met. Again, talk to Casimir if you have legitimate reasons. Please express these reasons as early as you can, preferably no shorter than a 24 hour notice to the deadline; however, earlier notice is much appreciated. Intentionally waiting until the last minute to share that you won’t be able to meet your deadline simply because you wanted to retain power over the project or out of spite or another similar motivation, you will receive all three Strikes and be considered last for following projects until you’ve earned the Grey Tavern’s trust again.

      If you accumulate 3 Strikes from any of these three instances, in any order or frequency, you will also be considered last for future Grey Tavern projects until you've earn the company's trust again.
  • Legitimate Excuses

    With these excuses, they should be communicated to Casimir as soon as possible but after you have reached out to your team or others for help. Rely on each other, support each other, and work together on these projects. Everyone in the Grey Tavern is here to help. If truly no one is able to help you (or has not responded within 24 hours) or you need to hand over leadership of a project to someone else, that is when you should reach out to Casimir to explain the situation.

    More will be added to this list as or if it becomes necessary.
    • The deadline is too short because I’ve discovered that x, y, z–which weren’t anticipated when the project was given– need to be done to accomplish this goal. I’ve reached out to the people on my team, but no one is able to help me.
    • My work load (school or work) has increased beyond what I was expecting. I simply don’t have the time and no one on my team is able to help me. (You will be asked about these projects to assess how much time they are taking)
    • I have a family emergency. (Family events are not legitimate excuses unless they are truly short notice, as in 24 hours or less. You should plan around them so other people can help you meet your deadlines in anticipation of these events. Holidays are also not a valid excuse, though with holidays, the Grey Tavern will do its best to be conscientious of this family time.)
    • I’ve been really sick and have been lacking the capacity to see this project through. I’ve reached out to my team and no one is able to help me.
  • All Grey Tavern Games and Projects are done in the name of the Grey Tavern company.
  • If you think someone would be beneficial to a Grey Tavern project that is not registered with the Grey Tavern, you may take 1 of 2 options.
    • Invite that individual to the Grey Tavern where they can be registered and they can experience the Grey Tavern and its games. Express to Casimir and Septimus how you think this individual will help with a project. They will then decide whether to invite an individual onto the project.
    • Ask the person on their input on the project, but you must make sure that (1) Casimir knows who you’ve reached out to, you have asked her what you can and cannot be tell them about the project, and you have received an non-disclosure document that the individual must sign; and (2) you explain to them that all their work and input on the project is for the Grey Tavern company and belongs to them and have them sign the non-disclosure if they accept the terms.
  • Ask others within the Grey Tavern for help on projects, especially those who are working on a project with you and know the meaning behind the game you’re working on. Casimir and Septimus are always available to answer questions and to help you with problems you may be having.