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The Wendigo Department

Nothing malignant or evil is discussed within the Wendigo Department, but due to proprietary and copyrighted information on Grey Tavern lore and gameplay structure, a nondisclosure agreement is necessary to be signed to preserve the mysterious and exciting science behind Grey Tavern gameplay and deeper lore. In time, we are excited to share all Grey Tavern lore and gameplay elements with the general public as they unfold through future games and media.

If you have not already signed the non-disclosure, please do the following before continuing:

  1. Select the following link:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

  1. Read through the presented information found in the non-disclosure agreement.
  2. You may print out the document and sign it or you may sign it electronically.
  3. Send a scanned copy of your signed copy or send a digitally signed PDF of your Non-disclosure to:

The Purpose of the Grey Tavern

The Grey Tavern is a collection of family-focused, fantastical practices that help in properly nurturing and uplifting parent- and community-led activities centered on a diverse grouping of peoples and backgrounds sharing what they love and cherish with their children.

The Grey Tavern is a religious nonprofit and is not in any way a religion itself. As such, we openly declare: you will not find salvation within our walls, only the means to open dialogue and correspondence with many other participants of various faiths. 

The organization acts as an auxiliary to religions. As an auxiliary religious nonprofit, the Grey Tavern seeks to add unity between religious ideas without the requiring of compromise of faith. We strongly encourage and invite the Buddist to teach the great and positive lessons of Buddhism, the Christians to teach the redemption and grace of Christianity, the Jews to teach the profound and unifying strengths of Judaism, and the Wiccan to teach of the balance and wonders of our world’s mysteries, etc. We strongly encourage no member of any denomination to forsake their primary faith in favor of the broad swaths of Grey Tavern lore or terrestrial practices. Our purpose is to act as an auxiliary arm of learning, communication, and community growth. 

The Grey Tavern is a translation guide between religions. This translation guide is done in the hope of creating a ground on which people with various religious backgrounds can discuss truths and perspectives of their religions without the weight as well as connotative biases and stereotypes religious terms may engender that can hinder open dialogue and cast a shadow over the light of truth. The use of Faeries, Fey, and other fantastical depictions is to provide a fantasy language through which to discuss religious truths.

As a religious nonprofit, the Grey Tavern approaches its roles as an auxiliary religious nonprofit from the perspective that there is a God. In Grey Tavern Lore, God is presented as the Lightbringer, a loving parent of all. As the Lightbringer dwells in a higher existence, a role that extends from and assists the Lightbringer is the Eldest, who works to help participants in the Grey Tavern comprehend the Lightbringer as well as to understand his will and how to align oneself to it.

The Grey Tavern does not seek to introduce religious practices meant to inspire any form or hope of redemption, enlightenment for the greater soul, or to the obtaining of sacred instruction that should be reserved for those professed of higher authority. We are not the light, the truth, nor the way to obtain everlasting relations or relationships with a higher force. In fact, most such practices, with the exception of simple forms of prayer and the sharing of spiritual viewpoints, are forbidden within the walls of the Grey Tavern.

Political Fanaticism and the Abomination of Silence

  • Within the Grey Tavern, we place a considerable amount of value upon freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Within the walls of the Grey Tavern, you are allowed to speak on any subject. There are no restrictions. This includes vile, unusual, foreign, and uncomfortable topics. If at any time a subject arises that you do not wish to hear or participate in, whether it be your clan or not your clan that is in the majority within the Tavern at that time, you may request a change of subject. However, if the request is denied by any representative of any present clan, the rules of clan majority will apply. In short, if you are the one who takes offense to a conversation and your clan has an equal or lesser number to the next sized clan, you may request that the smaller clan move to another location. However, if you and your clan are in the minority, you do not have the right to request a greater clan to cease discussion and to leave. Instead, you may remove yourself as well as anyone else within your clan who willingly desires to go with you. Additionally, no physical action can ever take place against a clan whether they be in the right or in the wrong to remove that clan, especially for the purposes of uncomfortable speech. Violations of clan courtesy laws must be reported to a Dark Fey or Dark Fey representative. Within the Grey Tavern, we speak of many things and we travel to many realms of thought. Your opinions are infinitely valuable but they do not exceed the value of any other patron. 
  • Subjects involving politics, religion, culture, sexual orientation, social normalities, etc are invited to be discussed within the Grey Tavern. There are however different locations with differing levels of appropriate subjects. Though these room designations are primarily established to protect the minds of younger Fey kind. If you are over the age of 18, you are permitted to enter nearly every level of communication within the Grey Tavern. Unless otherwise specified according to country or judicial requirements. 
  • Regardless of age, all Fey kind are expected to maintain a moderate or lower volume level while within most rooms of the Grey Tavern. If future rules are required to add additional clarification to this point, they will be made, but in the meantime, try to maintain a volume appropriate to your clan size, allowing for others of other clans to enjoy a relatively peaceful experience. 

Volunteers: Grey Tavern Projects

The Grey Tavern is a unique, community-built experience designed to help build skills, develop hard and soft traits that individuals can go onto use in future careers, and provide them with experience in fields they may otherwise be unable to try and experience. The Grey Tavern offers a wide variety of experiences, trainings, and career development opportunities that goes beyond what is offered in the average university or school.


All Grey Tavern Projects that volunteers participate in for the Grey Tavern are done for The Grey Tavern, as in The Grey Tavern owns all the intellectual, physical, or otherwise donated property.

Additionally, all Grey Tavern Projects whether performed by volunteers or employees of the Grey Tavern, are under the dictate of Septimus Jack and J.R. Casimir. He, as the keeper of all that weaves Grey Tavern games, systems, writings, etc. together, holds the last say on gameplay, creative, and The Grey Tavern system. She is the keeper of the Projects- who they are given to and when- as well as Grey Tavern rules and organizational structures.

How Grey Tavern Project Teams are Organized

You must be invited by J. R. Casimir and Septimus Jack to participate in Grey Tavern Games or Projects, which differ from the incentivization program though both work with the same reward structure. 

Grey Tavern Projects are headed by Project Leaders and all others on the Project are called Project Assistants. There are four types of Project Assistants that are designed to help Project Leaders know how best to utilize them and reward them.

Project Leaders

As a Project Leader, you are responsible for the success of a project you are given by Casimir or Septimus. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Delegating tasks to your Project Assistants and give them deadlines
  • Reporting weekly on your project’s progress to either Casimir or Septimus
  • Meeting your project’s deadlines
  • Following up with your Project Assistants and making sure they meet their deadlines 
  • Knowing the rules, policies, and procedures described in this document
  • Committing to and keeping a time commitment window per week
  • Organizing and/or holding coordination, ideation, creation, promoting meetings or activities as needed
  • Confirming that you are willing to take on a project by Discord message or in person to Casimir or Septimus
  • Meeting the 3 Primary Checkpoints for a project: Project Presentation Meeting, Midpoint project analysis (check in on progress of project at the midpoint of project), and Overall Project Deadline. This includes attending the meetings for these 3 checkpoints.
  • Organizing and holding an initial project meeting with your Project Assistants
  • Organizing a team of Project Assistants (Project Assistants are usually in your Leadership Team. However, if you need additional help from other teams or individuals, these should be included under the umbrella of Project Assistants as they should come to meetings that are relevant to them. However, those outside of your Leadership Team would be under your Leadership Team members as far as hierarchy.)
  • Meeting all deadlines you are given
  • Giving adequate notice to Casimir or Septimus that you will not be meeting a deadline or need to be removed as a Project Leader, for whatever reason. You should explain why and provide a plan for getting back on track, or if you are stepping down from being a Project Leader, provide the documentation and current report of where the project stands so it can be given to another as seamlessly as possible.
  • Reporting Project Assistant Strikes and Strike Removals to Casimir or Septimus, whichever one is over the project.

Projects will be given to you based on your proactiveness, timeliness, and honesty to your word. You will be notified of a project you are being assigned by a message from Casimir or Septimus or them directly communicating the project to you. Projects will be given to you based on a 3 Strike System. 

Strikes will carry over from project to project. Acquiring Strikes is a reflection of how reliable you are for a project. The more Strikes you accumulate, the less impactful or important projects you’ll be given, or your number of projects may be reduced. If you acquire 3 Strikes, you will be removed to The Grey Tavern’s internal Leadership Teams. There are ways to remove Strikes. That will be described after explaining how Project Leaders and Project Assistants earn Strikes. There are legitimate reasons for why you might have been unable to meet the expectations of being a Project Leader. As such, there are legitimate excuses that The Grey Tavern accepts and can be used to negate earning a Strike. (See the Legitimate Excuse section)

These are instances in which Strikes are earned:

  • Failing to confirm whether you will be taking on a project or not. You will be given a 48 hours window to respond. (you are absolutely allowed to deny a project if you have too much on your plate or it exceeds your time commitments).
  • Failing to meet or exceed your minimum number of hours you’ve committed to.
  • Failing to attend a project presentation meeting within 1 week after confirming that you will take on a project. (A project presentation meeting is when Septimus or Casimir outline the project goals, parameters, and other focuses for you)
  • Failing to organize a team and hold an initial meeting with them within 2 day to a week and a half of attending a project presentation meeting. (This meeting may be the same as a project presentation meeting. It depends on how many teams under you are needed to complete a project. Also, the window of time is dependent on the project’s final completion deadline. Please meet earlier for tighter or shorter deadlines!)
  • Failing to meet your deadlines. A Strike will be given for each deadline missed.
  • A project needing to be given to another due to your inability to move the project forward.
  • Failing to read these rules
  • Failing to act within these rules
  • Failing to meet the three primary checkpoints for a project: Project Presentation Meeting, Midpoint project analysis (check in on progress of project at the midpoint of project), and Overall Project Deadline. A Strike will be given for each of the 3 checkpoints missed or incompleted.
  • Intentionally waiting until the last minute to share that you won’t be able to meet your deadline simply because you wanted to retain power over the project or out of spite or another similar motivation, you will receive all three Strikes and be asked to step down from any and all leadership teams and positions.

Gaining three Strikes will move you down the list of who the Grey Tavern will reach out to when a new Project is available. However, Strikes can be easily removed as explained in “Ways to Remove Strikes” below.

A Legitimate Excuse section is also explained below. The Grey Tavern knows you all are busy and that family, work, and other things come first. We wish to work with what you are able to give and we appreciate and love each of your imaginations and efforts!

Project Leaders, please also read the Project Assistants section. You are responsible for those who are your Project Assistants. As you are primarily responsible for meeting the deadline of the overall Project and will be evaluated by The Grey Tavern based on your ability to meet deadlines, managing Project Assistants means making sure they are accomplishing their tasks  on time and in a manner that is needed to reach the overall deadline. This includes giving out Strikes as is necessary. Strike guidelines are up to your discretion, but we ask that they be fair. A few general guidelines have been provided below.

Project Assistants

Project Assistants are those who assist their Project Leader in accomplishing a project. Project Assistants can be broken up into four categories. (Note: Project Leaders, these categories should influence when you allot Strikes. For example, the third category might need longer or less regular deadline schedules, while the first might need shorter and more regular deadlines.) A Project Assistant may be one category on one project and another for a different project, or they may change their category according to their circumstances- in this instance, they should let their Project Leader know as soon as possible. A Project Assistant should declare which of these categories they wish to act in during the initial meeting in which the Project Leader presents the project to the group.

  • Ibis - The Ibis is an individual or multiple people who are the heaviest contributors to a project. They have the most resources, skills, and/or time to dedicate to a project and should be able to take the most deadline bulk. An Ibis may have similar attributes to an Eintykara, but they are characterized by their ability to dedicate a great amount of their resources, skills, and time to a project. (About 10+ hours a week to contribute)
  • Eintykara - The Eintykara may or may not be able to commit to the same resource or time commitment as the Ibis, but they are usually individuals who have done a similar project before and so can provide useful insight on ways to move a project forward and can do their assigned tasks effectively because of past experience. (About 7+ hours a week to contribute)
  • Arachne - The Arachne has limited to very limited time to spend on a project (about 4-6 a week). The Arachne contributes ideas, creation of more simple assets, and resources that can fit within the time they can dedicate to a project and is appropriate to their skill set.
  • Tanuki - Usually an individual that wants to be a part of a project but has very very limited time to help. Their primary contribution would be ideas. Their typical second type of contributions are either resources or completion of small 1-2 hour tasks. If a team member is feeling out of ideas, a Tanuki could be someone to turn to for a quick idea or brainstorm session. However, a Tanuki should also expect to help on some simple elements of a project. (About 1-4 hours a week to contribute).

The instances in which Strikes may be given to a Project Assistant is up to the Project Leader. Here a general guidelines for circumstances that may result in a Strike:

  • Failing to meet their deadline for each task they’ve been assigned.
  • Failing to attend meetings.
  • Failing to meet or exceed the minimum requirement of hours for their Project Assistant Type.
  • Intentionally waiting until the last minute to share that you won’t be able to meet your deadline simply because you wanted to retain power over the project or out of spite or another similar motivation, a Project Assistant should receive 3 Strikes and it should be reported to Septimus or Casimir.
  • Failing to confirm if they are taking on the task or not.
  • A task needing to be given to another due to a Project Assistant’s inability to move the task forward.

These are general guidelines and are flexible according to a project and to the Project Leader’s judgment on when Strikes may be given out throughout the duration of a project. Gaining three Strikes will move you down the list of who the Grey Tavern will reach out to when a new project is available. However, Strikes can be easily removed as explained in “Ways to Remove Strikes” below. Legitimate Excuse examples are also shared below.

If one or more Project Assistants judge the allotting of Strikes by a Project Leader to be unfair, or bias is seen, or any other mistreatment of a Project Assistant or Assistants is displayed, they should reach out to their Septimus or Casimir with evidence of the mistreatment, including screenshot, images, or testimonies of others.

Ways to Remove Strikes

A Strike may be removed whenever:

  • An individual meets a deadline and accomplishes their task.
  • An individual meets or exceeds their commitment hours for a week.
  • An individual helps another team member with their task.
  • An individual goes above and beyond (ex. Submitted a great idea, offered to help a team member when they heard said team member was struggling in some way, added their own creative spin to their task while still fitting within the parameters of the Project, obtaining no Strikes, etc. This is up to Project Leader discretion or Casimir or Septimus if you are a Project Leader.)

Legitimate Excuses

With these excuses, they should be communicated to your Project Leader or Casimir or Septimus as soon as possible but after you have reached out to your team or others for help. Rely on each other, support each other, and work together on these projects. Everyone in the Grey Tavern is here to help. If truly no one is able to help you or you need to hand over leadership of a project to someone else, that is when you should reach out to your Project Leader or to Casimir or Septimus to explain the situation.

  • The deadline is too short because I’ve discovered that x, y, z–which weren’t anticipated when the project was given– need to be done to accomplish this goal. I’ve reached out to the people on my team, but no one is able to help me; or they are busy with the tasks I’ve already assigned them.
  • My work load (school, work, or family commitments) has increased beyond what I was expecting. I simply don’t have the time and no one on my team is able to help me. I would like to be moved to the category of [insert Project Assistant title]. (If you are a Project Leader and can no longer fulfill the role, please also suggest someone on your team that would be the best individual to take your role.)
  • I have a family emergency. (A family emergency qualifies as deaths in the family, accidents or injury that require medical attention, and similar emergency situations. Family events are not legitimate excuses as you usually know they are coming. You should either not commit to anything around that time or plan around the family event so other people can help you meet your deadlines or can be given to another team member in anticipation of these events. )
  • I’ve been really sick and have been lacking the capacity to see this project through. I’ve reached out to my team and no one is able to help me.

Additional Project Rules

  • All Grey Tavern Games and Projects are done in the name of the Grey Tavern company as such each will be scrutinized to ensure it matches the Grey Tavern’s Code of Internal Ethics.
  • If you think someone would be beneficial to a Grey Tavern project that is not registered with the Grey Tavern, you may do this:
    • Invite that individual to the Grey Tavern where they can be registered and they can experience the Grey Tavern. Express to Casimir and Septimus how you think this individual will help with a project. They will then decide on a test project for the individual.
  • Ask others within the Grey Tavern for help on projects, especially those who are working on a project with you and know the meaning behind the game you’re working on. Casimir and Septimus are always available to answer questions and to help you with problems you may be having.