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Grey Tavern Foods

Ordering from The Grey Tavern is a little bit different than ordering from many other locations. We are a non-profit, focused on providing low cost food items in a fun and unique way. 

How to purchase food:

You don't.

Most of the food items found in The Grey Tavern is donated by contributors in the local area. These donations are the lifeblood of the Grey Tavern's charitable efforts to provide cheap, but imaginative food options. All food donated has been checked to ensure it still complies with FDA requirements. 

Then how do I acquire food?

First of all, you will need an invitation from a Faerie. This is not as strange as it seems. Faeries are simply the titles of Grey Tavern volunteers who are apart of a Grey Tavern Clan. They are responsible for you and any food items you receive will be through them as faeries are accountable for the items taken out from their clan.

Second, you will need to create a Grey Tavern Animus account. This is a simple registration that allows Grey Tavern Clans to account for the food, labor, and funding that is used by its patrons.

Once those are done, you may review the "#Tavern-Food" channel on the Grey Tavern's discord to find out what items are available for combination by Grey Tavern food preparers. There are many menu items that can typically be created at any time from the most common ingredients, but should there be special requests based upon unique ingredients found in the tavern, Grey Tavern patrons can put in a special recipe request. However, Grey Tavern food preparers have final say on if they desire to take special orders.


Grey Tavern spreads are open and available foods that patrons can take at their leisure. To pay for Grey Tavern Spreads, place your leptons in the payment jar or give it to the Bartender before serving yourself the appropriate amount.

Spread Prices

*Oil, Vinegar & other condiments are FREE. Please finish what you take.

Plate & Napkin Disposal

Leave your plate, napkin, utensils or other tableware at your table. It will be collected by the Bartender. If you are leaving OR you would like your tableware removed before the Bartender arrives, TOLL the Bar Chime TWICE on a larger/lower note.

What are Leptons?

Leptons are Grey Tavern Currency that one can use to get food, drinks, go on quests and purchase Grey Tavern Artifacts. These are obtained by making donations to the Grey Tavern to help them in their goal to open a more permanent immersive location in Rexburg.