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Grey Tavern Drinks

Sharp & Sweet

All sharp and sweet drinks can be ordered Sweet, Balanced or Sharp.

Black & White

Septimus Jack's Black Barley can be ordered "Black" for a strong bitter flavor with no added sweetness, "Grey" for a balanced bitter-sweet experience with a hint of added sugar, or "White" for a lighter creamy experience with sugared creams.

Herbal Preference

The Grey Tavern Sweet Iced Tea come in 3 flavors: "Sweet Mint", "Soothing Chamomile," & "Invigorating Mango". Each is served chilled; perfect for refreshing sips as you work or study.

Order from the Bartender

All Grey Tavern Drinks must be prepared and made by the bartender. To call the bartender, simply RING the Bar Chime 4 times on High/Small Note. The Bar Chime can be found on the white shelves near the kitchen entrance.

Food Allergies

Grey Tavern Drinks may contain dairy, & gluten.

What are Leptons?

Leptons are Grey Tavern Currency that one can use to get food, drinks, go on quests and purchase Grey Tavern Artifacts. These are obtained by making donations to the Grey Tavern to help them in their goal to open a more permanent immersive location in Rexburg.