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Form of the Sprite Quiz

This quiz is composed of 7 multiple choice questions and a final, 8th open-ended question.


What types of form do you think your child is going to need to conduct his or herself in their obligations and tasks?

  1. The Form of a Bear: A powerful, mighty, and fierce Build
  2. The Form of a Moose: A long, tall and imposing Build
  3. The Form of a Falcon: A short, flexible, and agile Build
  4. The Form of a Wolf: A noble, majestic, or beautiful Build


What weapons will your child need to protect it's land and it's kind?

  1. Teeth of the Bear: Sharp, fierce, and penetrating weapons to pierce skin and crack bone
  2. Horns of the Moose: Thin, precise, and potent weapons to disable and cease function
  3. Beak of the Falcon: Broad, thick, and brutal weapons for shattering bone, cracking shells, and breaking defenses
  4. Teeth of the Wolf: Shredding, ripping, and debilitative weapons to cut skin, pierce fat, and tear soft tissue


What defenses will your child need or be given to hold it's territory and withstand foes?

  1. Fur of the Bear: Layered and thick
  2. Coat of the Moose: Coarse and strong
  3. Feathers of the Falcon: Tough but flexible
  4. Fur of the Wolf: Long and scraggily


To survive at the edge of chaos, my child's body will need to be:

  1. Muscular and tough
  2. Hard and structured
  3. Flexible and quick
  4. Favored and beautiful


To survive at the edge of chaos, my child's mind and memory will need to be:

  1. Creative and imaginative
  2. Wise and structured
  3. Sensible and relatable
  4. Trusting and unifying


To survive at the edge of chaos, my child's perceptions will need to be:

  1. Grounded and acute
  2. Locative and identifying
  3. Well-timed and proactive
  4. Caring and considerate


To survive at the edge of chaos, my child's interactions with others will need to be:

  1. Forceful and assertive
  2. Precise and informative
  3. relatable and interesting
  4. Kind and compassionate

List 4 local animals and creatures that you think embody the attributes you have written above. This will help guide the creative process for those trying to create these creatures for your children.