Production of artifacts are on hold and will not be shipped out

Adventure forth with Dain to gain the loyalty of mighty dragon allies to join you on future adventures. Each expedition sets out to a unique kingdom of elemental magic and draconic power. The dragon allies you gain are only bound by the adventuring tier you purchase and the total contributions of the others that set out on this same expedition.

As the expedition continues forward, dragons become available as contributions from adventurers exceed event goals. Each event, once unlocked, sets in motion the creation of a high quality dragon miniature file, representing the dragon of the unlocked event that can be 3D printed for use in future adventures.

Additionally, these dragons become cemented in Grey Tavern lore, bringing with them exciting immersive features that will be announced in future updates.

Obtaining Dragon Allies

Adventuring Tiers

Each Adventuring Tier qualifies you to receive a host of dragon allies (and their dragon 3d printing files) of the listed tier as well as all lower tiers. Once you have purchased an adventurer tier, you will receive all past unlocked dragon files and all future unlocked dragon files from that and lower tiers within this expedition. 

Adventurer Tier List from Highest to Lowest
Mythic I: $50
Gold II: $45
Gold I: $40
Silver III: $35
Silver II: $30
Silver I: $25
Bronze IV: $20
Bronze III: $15
Bronze II: $10
Bronze I: $5

Total Contributions

Every time the total contributions made by you and your fellow adventurers reach the amount specified by a specific event, that dragon is unlocked and we begin assembling a 3D printing file. 1 month after the event is unlocked and if you have purchased the qualifying adventure tier, you will receive the 3D file of the unlocked dragon of that event. This time could be extended if multiple events are unlocked in quick succession.

Purchasing Example

If you select Bronze II, and all events have been unlocked for 3 whole chapters, you will receive three Bronze II dragons. This is in addition to the three Bronze I dragons, you would receive from selecting a higher tier.

Adventurer Tier Rewards

Grey Tavern dragon expeditions have potentially unlimited and continued rewards for your contribution. Every chapter possesses 1 event for each tier. Each event unlocks 1 dragon, along with its representative dragon miniature file. As total contributions from all adventurers unlocks additional chapters, this unlocks additional minis for each tier.

Each event possesses a list of rewards once they are unlocked. These rewards can be found on the Event detail images. 

How Do I Receive My Expedition Spoils?

When/If the miniature file has been completed for an unlocked event and if you possess the appropriate adventuring tier for that event, we will send a secure file folder containing your spoils to the email you have listed on your purchase.

When Does The Expedition End?

Each dragon expedition starts with 2 months on the clock. When this clock reaches zero, the expedition is ended and after a final 24 hour period, the spoils of that expedition will close. However, every time a new chapter is unlocked through total contributions, 1 month is added to the clock.

Join Our First Expedition

Our first expedition will take you to a land of fire and molten earth. The volcanic dragons of this area war against each other for land, greater forging territories, and for the loyalty of massive mortal armies. Volcanic Dragons seek out leaders of conviction, strength and power. Demonstrate these things and they will follow you to any battlefield!

(New Expedition Coming Soon)

Restrictions & Limitations

Distribution of Files

Each miniature file you receive is for your personal use ONLY. You may not resell or distribute any miniature file you receive from this expedition. You may not sell or distribute printed miniatures from any miniature file you received from this expedition. The only exception to this is if you purchase an additional adventuring tier package for each use of a miniature file within that tier for the purposes of gifting tiers to other adventurers. However, any adventurer given an adventurer tier via this method must adhere to the same limitations listed above.


Due to the nature of these expeditions, we will not refund any adventurer tier purchases.

Upgrading Your Tier

Due to the nature of these expeditions, if you have already purchased an adventuring tier and would like to upgrade, you will need to pay the entirety of the higher tier and will not be reimbursed the price of previously purchased lower tier. However, you may gift the files obtained from the previously purchased lower tier to a single adventurer, so long as this does not violate the policies outlined in "Distribution of Files".