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Clan: Gaulauntis


A proud and manipulative clan, the Gaulantiss believe that they are the rightful rulers of the kingdom of Gaulantis. Their ancestors conquered the other seven clans 800 years ago using dark magic and specialized assassins known as Lightbringers. The Gaulantiss believe in an ancient tradition known as the Doctrine of the Lightbringer. Each Gaulantis is trained from a young age in the art of manipulation, deception, seduction, and swordplay. With these talents, each Gaulantis views it as their own personal mission to use their abilities to dominate and conquer others.

Physical Description

Ironically, Gaulantiss are fairly small compared to the other races within the kingdom of Gaulantis. Their men tend to have lean, toned musculature while their women try to maintain a more seductive physique. Their eye color tends to reflect the country of their origins. Having blue and green eyes with light colored skin (peach to tan range) and sandy brown hair, Gaulantiss have a Southern, Pre-Imperial and Eastern country heritage. The wetlands around the Feyfall, the Gaulantis’s primary home, encourage its citizens to usually wear a form of heavy coat or rider’s jacket. The Gaulantiss tend to be more ornate in the design of their clothing than some of the surrounding clans, such as the Liesch, Heshlons, and Kinliesch. 

In casual settings, the men tend to wear form-fitting pants and white shirts. Women also prefer to wear form-fitting pants and typically form-enhancing blouses. 

When going out in public, men tend to wear a tight-fitted vest while women, who do just as much traveling as the men, tend to wear a similar vest with or without sleeve with a rider’s coat-tail extension down to their knees. 

On formal occasions, Gaulantis men will wear a tailed, fitted suit with a sash. Women will often replace their vests with a form-fitting dress. 

At all times, especially in public, Gaulantiss seek for the perfect balance of functional and attractive. Gaulantiss do not typically wear hats, instead they have hoods that they use during the frequent rainfall in their area.

Gaulantiss have recognizably thick hair with naturally loose curls. Gaulantis men tend to keep their hair short while Gaulantis women, while at leisure, allow their hair to fall free, however during formal occasions or while traveling they tend to pull their heavy hair into a singular ponytail. 

Through most of Gaulantis design, clothing is prepared with asymmetrical and sharp shaped lapels.The bottom of most shirts, coats, capes, etc end in a asymmetrical point, both sides not matching in length.

Weapons & Armor

Gaulantiss favor weapons such as the long sword and short sword. Some will also carry a double-sided thin sword that rests on a handle roughly the same size as a spear’s, known as a Gaulantis dueling blade. They will typically have a dagger or stiletto on their person, if not several. Gaulantis soldiers tend to favor mobility and comfort over heavy armor. They typically will have some armor around their ankles and feet. They will also tend to have armor around their shoulders and a thin breastplate. Each of these pieces of armor are worn over a heavy riders coat. Lastly, Gaulantiss like all the clans of the kingdom of Gaulantis wear a helmet similar in size and make to a Spartan or Roman centurion helmet, covering the top of the head, the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose. 

What little metal Gaulantiss incorporate into their uniforms is typically elaborate or fine-crafted. 

A far less common uniform is that of the Gaulantis Lightbringer. Gaulantis Lightbringers tend to have slightly more armor around the abdomen, thighs, and forearms. Additionally, they tend to have far more fabric such as a robe, mantle, and cape. Their helmets tend to have incorporations of cloth along the neck and over the mouth to conceal the identity of the wearer. Gaulantis Lightbringers are both elite assassins and masters of swordplay and dark magic. A Lightbringer’s Frellohelm is usually adorned with jutting metallic feathers is designed to come away from the face and the bottoms of the cheek plates typically end in sharp points.

Gaulantiss are the only clan to employ light crossbows. A weapon they have long used.