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Four Berascin couples stood together outside the Sprite hovel built and crafted into the dark, heavily segmented, and twisting wood of the titanic tree on which Cryptid and Sprite Kin alike called home. The four gathered on one of the thick roots descending into the colorfully shimmering, tumultuous river of chaos far below. Above them stretched and stretched the twisting and turning length of the great tree's trunk.

On this same generous root, many other Cryptids travelled- all of various shapes and sizes, though none could compare to the scale of these four. These Cryptids looked upon the four with wide eyes.

Some grinned and pointed towards the four, telling their fellows, "See the Mighty Berascin. They are about to descend into the the river by the command of the Sprite of Creation. I might stay and watch a while."

Others simply bowed their heads and continued on. 

Still others gathered around the four to hear their plans.

The couple standing just before the root's dip downward are the largest of this mighty assembly. They face the other tree couples organized in a semicircle before them. Their large staffs are held out to their sides in a mirror to the other, the butts against the roots gnarled wood. "By the Sprite's command, we go in search of those defying the liquifying power of the river." The lord of hierarchy thumped his staff against the root. "So we shall." The rippling force sent the other Cryptids, especially the smaller ones, to their knees or their bellies. The Berascin stood unmoved, their cloaks and tassels swaying with the energy.

"What say you, Dubb." The Lady of Pecking Order points her staff to the couple to her husband's left. "Where shall we begin?"

The Lady of Alignment raised an arm from beneath her long, drapping cowl. She pointed down the network of roots to a portion where they descended into tall, spinning cyclones. "Those who the Sprite seeks often find themselves caught in the vortexes there."   ...



Berascin are magical Cryptids that assist a Sprite of Creation in his or her duties. They are known for their tremendous strength and powerful resolve. No other Cryptid can quite match a Berascin, male or female, in pure physical strength. Though the size of a Berascin varies depending upon its order, they are known for their large, muscular, and intimidating physiques. Berascin don't often contend against other Sprite Kin or Cryptids. This is generally so because few would be able to last long against their ferocious might and epic abilities.

Whether on the mortal planes or in the Faerie Realm, they are set over tribes of mortals or spirits under their employ who are busy about the various tasks of Creation and earthly transformations. Berascin do not tolerate weaknessin those they are set over. Rather they emphasize the making of the world which requires the strong to make all aspects of strength, the epic to form every shape and particle around the substance of potential, and the beautiful to craft and designate what is of most worth and pleasant to the soul. The Berascin know that their work is essential: that is the work of gathering mortal souls and spirits of powerful and noble hearts from the rivers of the dead. They employ these spirits with forms of their making, crafted to deal with the strenuous and brutal tasks of the physical creation of creatures, worlds, and realities.

Berascin are seldom seen on the mortal planes, preferring the deeply entrenched roots that draw souls from chaos. But when they do go to the mortal world, their tasks are typically to straighten the errors of mortal waste and to bring about a rebalancing of nature's power. When visiting the mortal world, they typically enshroud themselves in bodies of plant matter to help set in motion the cycles of life upon the world. As they traverse the mortal world, they typically leave trails of flowers and plants in their footsteps. Their followers, those privy to the knowledge of their footsteps, gather these seeds, eggs, and even newborn creatures and care for them, allowing them a place among the worlds of the mortals.

Though fierce and horrific to look upon, both in the realms of the Faerie as well as the realms of mortals, their generous hearts and paternal and maternal instincts offer a more gentle side when in the presence of young, innocent, and pure creatures. Beings of perversion and ill will toward the young and innocent will find an enemy of the Berascin-- an enemy no mortal ever wishes to share shadows with.