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The Magic of Dragon Artifacts

"Dragons need us just as much as we need dragons."

- Arzu

Dragons have offered us a way to use their magic. In return, they hope that we might use their power to bring about a better future than the ones they've created on the world of Anaes. Locked in a war that has gone on for centuries, Dragons look to the adventurers of today for hope.

Where to Start?

Every artifact that comes from a dragon is very magical. Whether you wish to obtain this magic for yourself or wish to gift it to a friend or family member, we recommend you learn just a little bit about each artifact before purchasing.

Like the reference chart below shows, different dragon artifacts come from either different parts of the dragon, or different ages of dragon. We'll go through each briefly.

Dragon Scale Pendants

The dragon scale pendants of the Grey Tavern come from a special scale known as the "Crown" Scale. These scales protect the heart of a dragon, the source of their elemental energy. These dragons may shed these scales and offer them to adventurers that share a similar energy within their own hearts.

Larger Dragon Scale Pendants come from older dragons, while smaller Dragon Scale Charms come from younger dragons.