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Achievement Quiz

Physis Question

Mom and Bixi

You are a wolf hunting an elk with your pack. After searching for an entire day, you come upon what appears to be a lone elk. What do you do?

  1. I charge forward, leading my pack in for the kill. I trust my body and my skill, having proven it again and again

  2. I pause to assess the elk before charging. I want to select a method of attack that appropriates the elk's size.

  3. I scout the area, checking a list of other factors that may influence how I take down the elk. I seek to plan and think through my course of action, knowing the various factors including my skills and the skills of my pack.

  4. I assess the state of the elk and seek ways to exhaust or demoralize the creature before exerting a tremendous amount of energy in attempting to take it down.

Memor Question

Dad and Bixi

You and your hunting party have just returned from a hunt that took several days. Your fellow wolves are excited to hear about your adventures. What do you share with them?

  1. I share the moments that were the most important or impactful. These are moments where we almost failed, but through perseverance, luck, or a team member's choice or actions they were able to succeed.

  2. I relate the most impactful moments of our hunt by relating it to the actions of our past heroes or of my hunting party so the other wolves can better understand what occurred.

  3. I share the journey from start to finish, simplifying it to significant moments not only of the biggest events but also those moments that made the significant moments possible. I do this to provide the context needed for the pack to comprehend the full weight of the most significant moments.

  4. I loosely anchor my retelling on actual events in favor of inspiring my pack with a more fantastical version that focuses more on the meaning of our hunt. The meaning is focused on how our hunt affected the perception of our pack in the eyes of those within our territory.


Mom and Bixi

A bear crosses your path near your wolf den. You both pause and stare each other down. What do you do?

  1. I see the bear's big claws and teeth. I see its large, muscular, and intimidating form. I hear its aggressive grunts and growls. I know it's dangerous and I work with fellow wolves to get it away from our pack.

  2. I know that bears have attacked my den before. I howl to alert my fellow pack mates and call our warriors to me. I make sure the bear doesn't get closer to my family than it already is while I wait.

  3. I know bears are dangerous but they're impossible to fight one on one. I need my pack, but they will take time to get here. The wind is blowing away from the bear towards the den which means it can't smell my pack's location. I will try to make the bear think my den is in another direction and make it go away so we don't have to fight it.

  4. I analyze the bear's state. I see that its fur is wet from river nearby and that it is breathing heavily. I try to discourage the bear because it seems low on energy and should be convinced to leave fairly easily.


Dad and Bixi

The alpha asks for volunteers who are willing to go with him to go attack a rival wolf pack that has threatened your pack many times. Do you volunteer?

  1. If I don't want to do it, I won't, but if I do, I will volunteer.

  2. I analyze my capacities, the skills of the wolves who do volunteer, and the strengths and weaknesses of the rival pack. I volunteer only if I think I and my pack can win based on skill and ability.

  3. I volunteer if my friends or loved ones volunteer. Even then if they don't, I may volunteer simply because I know my pack, how to succeed, and how to get rewards for my accomplishments.

  4. I volunteer. It is the good thing to do and our pack needs to be kept safe. Too many have been hurt already.


Mom and Bixi

The alpha gives your hunting party the task removing another wolf pack that is trying to take over your territory. Before leaving, your hunting party discusses a plan. What do I make sure the plan includes?

  1. I make sure my hunting party knows just how important this mission from the alpha is. I make sure they know that if you don't succeed our mates and pups will have less food. I inspire my hunting party with the reason why we must succeed.

  2. I point out the other pack's strengths, who their allies are, and other potential hinderances to our success. I make sure our plan anticipates, maneuvers, avoids, and can overcome those factors usually through assigning roles within the hunting party.

  3. I anticipate the most likely factors that will exist depending on where, when, and how we plan to remove the other pack. I communicate these factors and share which ones we should utilize.

  4. I know what roles have been given and to who. I ensure each party member knows and is confident in their task. I don't help with the long-term plan, but I make sure the others are happy, confident, and in line with the overall plan through small, encouraging events while journeying to the other wolf pack.


Dad and Bixi

You are so hungry! Your hunting party has been hunting an elk herd for a long time, but you haven't been able to get one yet. Your other party members and starting to complain and get weak from hunger. You are also feeling weak, tired, and frustrated. What do you do?

  1. I continue to go after the elk. We told the wolves still at the den that we'd come back with an elk so all of us would have enough to eat. I will not break my promise.

  2. I convince my hunting party to search for scents of other prey. We will return to elk, but if we are to have enough energy to take down the large elk, we need to regain strength and determination through food we can get in the meantime.

  3. Our pack has made an agreement that those who put more work into the hunt will get a greater share of the meat. My portion will be quite generous. I just need to actually get the elk first.

  4. Although this is frustrating, I encourage the others in the hunting party. I increase the morale of the group through fun, exciting, unifying moments that I either create or take advantage of an organic opportunity.


Mom and Bixi

Your wolf pack is celebrating your successful hunt. What do you plan to do during this celebration?

  1. I am very hungry, so I plan to eat until my stomach feels as if it is about to burst.

  2. I plan to only hang out with the wolves I am closest with as social situations with those who aren't my friends is draining. If I can't, I'll eat as much as I can without getting into a fight and simply sit and watch until I'm allowed to leave.

  3. I'm feeling both hungry and like playing with some of the pups. If that changes, I'll probably go take a nap under my favorite tree.

  4. I know that the alpha's mate is sick, so she won't be there. That means that her beta will be with her and the alpha will be alone. I can use this opportunity to talk with him and increase his opinion of me so I can be raised in the pack's hierarchy.


Dad and Bixi

Your scouting party has been given the task to locate some rogue wolves that pose a threat to your pack. What is your reaction to being given this task?

  1. I gave the task to our scouting party and I expect them to do this with me. This is extremely important, after all.

  2. I immediately start thinking of all the details that need to come together for us to succeed as well as what skills I bring to the group. I want to make sure we succeed as well as to be a strong, reliable part of the party.

  3. I think this is a great goal, but I know this is going to be difficult because rogue wolves are hard to find. I request that we add our pack's best tracker to our party for this task so we can accomplish it faster.

  4. This is a wonderful goal! Our pack needs to be protected and I am in full support of the one who gave us this task and our scouting party's ability to succeed.