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Mission Report: Infiltrator Apprehended and Poison Confiscated

2 Weeks after the Worm Attack on Cephas

The wound Cephas received is slow to heal and many of our people are dying from poison. It has been discovered that the water is contaminated, likely by infiltrators. My mate and I are sent to investigate water sources on the south side of the wound. Our commander instructed us to see if the scavengers have gathered any warm cloths from the latest arrivals to North Forge. Reports say the wounded area is quite cold.

1 Week after the Attack

Ciaron and I arrested an infiltrator poisoning the Water Tube

The Dwarves of the Water Tube had reported several deaths independent of the Worm attack. When we arrived at the under-mountain cavern complex, we were a little surprised to see a Gygr working at the bar. The Water Tube's waterfall fell directly behind the bar, so if anyone was to have noticed anything suspicious it would be the bartender, or, in this case, himself.

Upon ordering a drink and talking with him, I found his pheromones strange and foreign, and he would talk about past events very generally. I used my pheromone glands to overwhelm his senses and influence him to trust me. This worked surprisingly well considering he is an infiltrator and likely found my pheromones strange as well. 

Once the pheromones took hold, I asked him more about his past and where he came from. It quickly became obvious that he knew little of North Forge. By this time, he had recovered himself a little from my influence. He tried to strike us with his claws, but Ciaron with his heavy hands, knocked the Gygr unconscious with one solid blow to the head.

Upon inspecting the water tube behind the bar, we found a bottle of black liquid slowly depositing its contents. We confiscated more in the bartenders quarters toward the back of the Water Tube.

For now, he will be left in the charge of the Dwarves and they shall handle his interrogation. We will go on to other points of investigation.

2 Weeks after arresting the infiltrator

Ciaron and I recovered from the poison in our drinks.

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