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Rouya Gilgal

“Rouya is the most determined person I know. There’s a fire in her eye. It’s quite intimidating actually.”
- Gilon Jerrick

Character Description

Wearing an odd assortment of clothes ranging from baggy to ill-fit to too tight and held close to the body through various belts, sashes, and ties, Rouya is primarily one color: brown. From her hair to her orangish-brown skin, from her dirt streaked face and mud coated fingernails, from her threadbare clothes to her worn through boots, all is monocolor. This color is accentuated by the dark undertones of her hair and dark eyelashes. Shining as a stark contrast to her coloring are her eyes which are a true green/ yellowish green. Hidden in the bags of her clothes are knives and daggers, and the belts hold pouches for stolen food or other confiscated items. Rogue uses her small and lithe stature to her advantage when stealing.

Brief Biography

Rouya lives in the Entertainment District in the city of Frellohelm, the capital city of the kingdom of Gaulantis. The Entertainment District is where the poor and despots of the city live. Rouya has grown up here. Her mother raised her alone and had to make many sacrifices to ensure that she and her daughter were taken care of. 

Despite her mother’s efforts, Rouya is old friends with freezing nights and debilitating hunger. She saw all her mother did, saw that it wasn’t enough, and took up thievery to help supply their needs. Her mother wasn’t very happy about it but Rouya wouldn’t be stopped.

This was in part due to her need to feel connected with her father. Rouya’s father died in the Civil War in service of the Gaulantis clan. One of the only bright spots of Rouya’s childhood was the stories her mother told her of her father. She told of his skill as a pickpocket and a sneak. He was charismatic; he was dashing. Rouya wanted nothing more than to be him, to will him back into her life.

When Rouya was ten, her mother married the brother of the most notorious gang lord in the Entertainment District. Although this solved many of their physical needs, Rouya did not like her step father. She also didn’t like her step uncle or aunt. She continued to steal with a group of children despite the three new adults in her life watching her closely.

It was during this time that she became good friends with Gilon and John Jerrick. Gilon was an orphan raised by the Hawk, the religious leader of the kingdom, and John was the heir to a Jerrick lord. While hesitant at first, especially of John since she was afraid he’d turn her into the Warden, the three became good friends. When they were assigned to serve the eldest prince, Ben Gurion, she felt abandoned. Her feelings of abandonment by her father, mother, and friends intensified her criminal activity. 

The daring of her stealing escapades increased until she was captured while stealing from Laban, the king’s brother, the night of Prince Azriel’s 11th birthday celebration.


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