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Open House: Bixies Bond with their Grand Symbiotes

Note: This is a prototype location and is at a house. We assure you the address is correct and you are welcome to join. The Grey Tavern is in a blue house with a green light over the door.

If you've seen this page before, please be aware that several elements for this Open House has shifted. As always, you are welcome to come when and for as long as you would like! We're excited to play these games with you and your family on Wednesday!

Open House Activities

At this Open House, families and friends will continue or begin their adventures by:

These three games are essential for Bixis to have the full and complete experience Grey Tavern games offer.

Additional games available for play during the Open House and anytime after the Open House include:

  • Saigim: Explore the Realm through Scent
  • Sniken: Can You Catch the Prey

Short descriptions of all 5 games follow along with the step by step of what you can expect during this Open House. The rules and how to play these games can be found in the navigation bar under Grey Tavern Adventures.

These rules will include PDFs so you may print these games at home.

As a reminder, all Grey Tavern games are free to play. However, as we continue, alternate versions of games will be released. Though the same game at their core, these alternate versions are only available through contributions to The Grey Tavern. All contributions are greatly appreciated! They will help us to create more educational games and activities for families quickly!

The goal of the Open House activities is to set in motion children and parents being rewarded for their every day activities by "refueling" their creature's energy for their next adventure.

Activity 1: Character Hunt

The power and abilities, known as Characters, presented in Grey Tavern games belong to and are kept by two individuals: The Light Guardian and the Dark Guardian. 

In this Character Hunt, Guardians are teaching their Bixies some of the abilities they possess, called Hakim. By providing Bixies with these 8 Characters, Guardians are giving their Bixis permission to learn and practice utilizing these powers under their tutelage.

What does the Character Hunt Involve?

The Character Hunt is a scavenger hunt that takes you and your family to various locations around town to discover and learn about these Characters.

Step 1: Before setting off around town, you will be asked to organize and name your family or group into what is known as an Order. Orders are ways for you to keep your family or group's rewards and unlockables organized to just your family or group. This also includes your Leptons or other Grey Tavern coin amounts that are usable within the Tavern.

Step 2: Complete 7 short questions that must be done with each of your Bixis.

Step 3: Embark on the Character Hunt around the Realm of Anaes!

For game instructions and rules, go here!

Farmer's Market and other Event Participants

If you have participated in the adventure at the Farmer's Market or other events The Grey Tavern has participated in, you may have already completed this adventure.

If you have discovered all 8 Characters, you are already ahead of the game! 

Activity 2: Spells

Spells are what allow the energy, skills, and talents Bixis are gaining in our Realm to be shared with the Grand Symbiotes- also known as Dragons- in the Realm of Anaes.

Red Wolf- A Grand Symbiote of Anaes

Spells are mystical connections to these Grand Symbiotes that Bixis play in Grey Tavern games. But the Dragon only has as much energy and skill as the Bixi was able to give it the week before. This is tracked through Spells.

What do Spells Do:

  • A Spell focuses on the benefit or lack of benefit of an activity a Bixi participates in in this Realm. Spells are an analysis of the activities Bixies participate in on a day to day basis or regularly/commonly within a week timeframe.
  • Guardians asks their Bixis questions about a single activity to better see what a Bixi is gaining or not gaining from an activity. These questions revolve around the 8 Characters gathered during the Character Hunt.
  • Guardians then rank the benefit or lack of benefit in the 8 Character categories for that specific activity.
  • This is where the Behavior Nutritional Development - the primary education behind The Grey Tavern's family-devoted adventures- are explained more plainly to Guardians.

For Spell instructions and rules, go here!

Activity 3: Bonding with a Grand Symbiote

After the first Spell is created, Bixis will receive their Totem and an Animal Tracker, and a story about their Grand Symbiote!

The story is set after the Bonding. At the completion of the Character Hunt and the Spell creation, the Bonding finalized! The story tells of what the Grand Symbiote does after the Bonding occurred.

The importance of the story:

  • Based on the behavioral actions and tendencies of a Bixi. This is determined based on the 8 questions answered during the Character Hunt adventure, so, Guardians, please make sure the questions are done individually per child. 

**All behavioral information The Grey Tavern receives is only accessible by that individual, their Guardians, other trusted family members, and Grey Tavern employees. The Grey Tavern only utilizes this data for making stories and games that surround either a specific Bixi or all Bixis in order to help them and their families learn together and grow together through a greater understanding of each other.

For this activities rules and instructions, go here!

Activity 4: Saigim

Saigim is game that teaches the principles of Percipere. It focuses on:

  • Bixis learning how animals (Grand Symbiotes) use scent to identify food, natural competitors, and predators

This is a matching game. In essence, the Bixis and their Guardians must work together to match the scents of food before Winter sets in. If enough food isn't found, or if enemy animals take too much food from you, your pack will disband (symbolic of death).

The instructions and rules for this game can be found here.

Activity 5: Sniken

Sniken is also a game that teaches the principles of Percipere. It focuses on:

  • Bixis learning how various prey creatures see and how predators must approach them to avoid detection.
  • Teaching principles of sight

This is a board game where Bixis win by moving their player marker onto the same square as the prey or target creature without the prey seeing them.

The instructions and rules for how to play this game can be found here.

After the Open House

And... that's the Open House! If you aren't able to participate in all of these activities during the Open House, you are welcome to make an appointment during any of our open hours to come and play these games!!

Games Coming Soon


Scrying is a game in which Guardians and Bixis review and log what activities the Bixi participated in and how complete the Grand Symbiote Tracker became. This helps the Bixi:

  • See the benefit of their actions from week to week
  • Log that week's Grand Symbiote Tracker with The Grey Tavern so the Bixi can play as or with their Grand Symbiote in the following week, according to the energy the Grand Symbiote received
  • Determine if more spells, possibly focused on other types of activities, are needed to better help a Bixi give a Grand Symbiote the energy it needs

For now, Grey Tavern games will focus on teaching what the 8 Characters discovered during the Character Hunt mean through fun and imaginative gameplay. But updates of these games and future games will rely on Scrying games for Bixis and other players to be successful and able to play in games.


    Why Contribute?

    Contributions are essential for The Grey Tavern to continue creating and delivering exciting, educational, and uniting adventures for families and for communities.

    The Grey Tavern offers:

    • Fantasy adventures that encompass behavioral education and goal setting in a truly good and exciting manner
    • Fun, meaningful, and truly enjoyable adventure parents can do with their children

    What Contributions mean for You:

    • We'll release more fun, family and community adventures that bring your family closer together at a faster rate
    • Parents will be nurtured and uplifted through family-centric adventures and behavioral education resources
    • More exciting, meaningful, and educational content and activities the whole family will enjoy

    We ask for your patience.

    • Blending education on behavior, goal setting, and fantastical adventure is hair-pullingly difficult. (Yes, our heads will testify to that)
    • Contributions are essential for allowing us to create and deliver fantastical and educational family adventures


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