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Hakim Power: "Physis"

Physis is the Hakim of physical ability and physical power. Once this "Character" is acquired, the Bixi will be able to physically attune to Anaes, allowing them to see the Hakim of Physis at work within their Bonded creature(s).

Manifestation of the Hakim in the Realm of Anaes: 

Physis is the Hakim is most commonly known as the power of healing and recovery. This Hakim is what allows for the mending and proper energy distribution throughout the body of Anaesian creatures. In this way, Physis is the Hakim of transference.

With Physis, the physical body of an Anaesian creature becomes honed in its ability to maintain, restore, and increase its power capacity.

Manifestation of the Hakim in our world:

Hakim in our world is our natural ability and our habits that keep our bodies healthy. This includes learning when to rest, what food will give our bodies the greatest amount of energy, and how to improve our body's recovery rate or power capacity. These things should not just be learned but practiced. Physis is also the power behind our body's power and incredible healing ability.

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