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Tier 2 Coin Commitment: Attributor

Tier 2 Coin Commitment: Attributor

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Why Participate in Order Coin Commitments

The Grey Tavern is a religious nonprofit that has many goals including gathering around and supporting children, youth, and young adults of all walks of life in their progression, helping to teach the importance of service and good will at each of the various stages of psychological development, and much more through fun and relationship- and character-building fantasy adventures.

Although a nonprofit, The Grey Tavern can only go as far as its financial backing can take it. As it is still in its prototype phase, The Grey Tavern has a goal of a financial backing of $5000 per month by July 31st. If this goal isn't reached, the viability and longevity of The Grey Tavern will be called into question.

Here's what reaching $5000 means for Coin Committers:

  • Order Locations can open. Each Order will have their own location to gather, develop strong, good friendships, and engage in wholesome, service-oriented activities together. For example, all Cryptids in Creation Orders will have their own location while Cryptids in a Material Order have another location. These locations will have proper safety protocols to protect minors especially.
  • Wholesome games for all ages can be created and at a faster pace.
  • Service activities for families, friends, and other groupings will be more prevalent and widespread, giving all a greater perception of all the opportunities they have to help others and to realize their power and ability to do good in the world.

Tier 2 Requirements

The Tier 2 Coin Commitment is a reoccurring monthly payment of $10 per member of the Order. 

There are 2 routes with this Tier:

  • A member of your Order is the designated payer of the Coin Commitment (either they can pay it all in full or members can give their portion to the designated payer).
  • Each member of your Order can pay individually. 

Hovel Gate Restrictions

Withdrawals from an Order's Hovel Gate cannot exceed 20 Leptons per week.

You may upgrade the Tier of your Hovel Gate (differs from the Coin Commitment Tier, which is what this page describes) to increase your withdrawal amount per week. Contact a Grey Tavern representative to increase your Hovel Gate Tier.


Leptons are treated as real coin within The Grey Tavern. Taking Leptons that have not been paid for by donation from the Grey Tavern is considered stealing.