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Crown Scale of Jotunn

Crown Scale of Jotunn

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Jotunn Crown Scale Details:

Pendant Size - 3.9 x 2.8 inches
Pendant Weight - 1.8 oz

The Jotunn Crown Scale: 
Those who wear a Jotunn Crown Scale are individuals with many skills of a dichotomous nature. Like the Jotunn, they have the ability to uplift others and protect like few others can, but they can use those same talents for great harm. Those that bear the Jotunn scale have learned how to use their skills to protect and defend, to uncover mysteries, and to prepare for any situation. One of the primary uses for these skills is to test those around them. Those that wear Jotunn's scale wish to surround themselves with people who are strong, true, and honest.

The powers of the Jotunn and its scale are most potent during the month of November.

Scale Colors Disclaimer: 
The Jotunn Crown Scale, like all other Elder Lords' scales, is delivered unpainted. This is because the colors added to the base color are unique to the Wizard or wearer. Each Wizard has taken different paths to attain Jotunn's scale, so it is given to you to mark your Crown Scale in a way that reflects the powers and skills you have attained thus far.

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