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Crown Scale of Fenrisulfr

Crown Scale of Fenrisulfr

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Fenrisulfr Crown Scale Details:

Pendant Size - 3.9 x 2.8 inches
Pendant Weight - 1.8 oz
King Scale- smaller than the Crown Scale. Scales ordered in addition to the Fenrisulfr Crown Scale will be Fenrisulfr King Scales

The Fenrisulfr Crown Scale: 
The Fenrisulfr Crown Scale is for the gatherers, the indominable, and the conqueror. Those that bear Fenrisulfr's scale set their sights on lofty goals. They are strong forces of will. They recognize their own strengths and weakness, and they gather others who have what they lack to help them. They are skilled leaders who know they can't attain their goals along and give credit where credit is due. But if the path to the goal becomes frustrated, the bearer of this scale will do what is necessary to remove or alleviate the area of frustration.

The magics and powers of the Fenrisulfr Crown Scale is at its height in the month of October.

Associated Virtue:

Pledge of the Fenrisulfr:
We Shall Endure All Things.

Crown Scales vs King Scales:

Crown scales, also known as Seed Scales, are powerful tools that retain the life essence of those who have gone before. They are compilations of memories, powers, and experiences that become contained within the Crown Scale. They were a gift from dragon kind  to help preserve the powers from generation to generation.

King scales are a smaller offshoots of Crown scales that are to be gifted to those of your lineage, preserving the power, memories, and experiences never to be forgotten from father to son and from mother and daughter.

Each Crown or King scale should align with the personal eminence of the wearer. It's a good idea to find a Crown scale that best aligns with your motivations, personality, and inclinations to better preserve and facilitate your own personal power within the fibers of the Crown or Seed Scale.

Scale Colors Disclaimer: 
The Fenrisulfr Crown Scale, like all other Elder Lords' scales, is delivered unpainted. This is because the colors added to the base color are unique to the Wizard or wearer. Each Wizard has taken different paths to attain Fenrisulfr's scale, so it is given to you to mark your Crown Scale in a way that reflects the powers and skills you have attained thus far.

Shipping & Returns:
These dragon artifacts are made in the United States, handmade & latex free. They will be sent within 3 business days of the order. If you have any special request or concerns, please email us and we'll do our best to help! If a refund is desired, simply send your product back to us using the return address and email us the tracking code. Once we have the code, we'll get you your money back. 


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