All "Retired" artifacts will become available Nov 4th - Jan 1st

The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer, also known as the Fey Lord, is a being of profound and powerful light—a source of unlimited power and understanding. The Fey Lord is the greatest Dragon of the Primordial Realm.

Held as a precious, even sacred, knowledge, the term of Lightbringer or Fey Lord is, in truth, a mask.

Behind the mask are an ancient and powerful Fey King and an ancient and powerful Fey Queen: The Parents of all life. Together, they watch over and care for the needs of all of the Eloai while in the aspect of the great Lightbringer. Their shared purpose is that all their Fey children will claim their birthright as inheritors of the same power and light they themselves hold together.

Only the Lightbringer's Dragons know of the true nature of their Parents. This precious knowledge is only a gift shared with all the Eloai who pass through all five Gauntlets of mortality and succeed at their final trial known as the Culling.