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The Book of Lore

Discover the Hidden Lore of Fey Kind

Learn of the Ascension of the Chosen of the Lightbringer

The Realms of the Fey

The Realms of the Fey

Learn of the Realms of the Fey and how they each influence the development and intercession of each other Realm. Each Realm has a specific purpose in increasing the energy, potential, and understanding of each Realm it touches.

The Beginning

Understanding The Beginning

Volcanic Realm

Oceanic Realm

Gold Realm

Glacial Realm

The Mortal Realm

The Great Fey Transference

The Fey

Children of the Fey



The Eloai are the children of a being of great Fey power. Their progression and ascension through life is different from how we perceive growth upon the Mortal Realm. For these young and innocent creatures, the power of the universe itself and the mastery thereof is the key to growth in the Cosmic Realms of the Fey Lord.

The Order of Ascendancy






Lords of the Fey

The Lightbringer

The Eldest

The Elder Lords




Gifts of the Elder Lords

Crown Scales

King Scales

How to Obtain Scales

Keepers of the Fey

Wild Fey

High Fey

Crystal Fey

Dark Fey

The 1st & 2nd Trial of the Wizard

The title of "Wizard" is a name given to mortals of acceptable intelligence that have that capacity to host the Soul of a Fey Child or Eloai. These mortals must prove their loyalty and capacity to harness the powers of the Fey given them while out of the Elemental Realms. These times of testing are known as the 1st and 2nd Trial of the Wizard.

Fey Ascendency of the Trial Period


Sorcerers & Wizards

Read the Tales of the Grey Tavern

The Path of the Chosen

Path of the Chosen

The tales of the inhabitants of the Realm of the Fey are grand, varied, and unique. With the launch of Grey Tavern quests on January 1st, 2022, the Path of the Chosen will feature new, authentic tales of epic proportions that feature dragons, the conflicts of the descendants of the Dryads and the Conquerors from the Stars, and the ascension of those who give ear to the mysterious and terrifyingly powerful Fey.

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