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The Beginning of the Fey Realm

The Tale of the Lightbringer & the Roar of Aryeh

Chapter 1

1 Before the world was, there was darkness and void, and no purpose crept through the hearts and minds of the beings of the deep and the vast.

2 Then came one, a Lightbringer, who said, Let there be light to gather the stirring things of the deep and the vast—that which desires truth and that which desires power—for we shall organize the mighty. And into the belly of the void, we shall pour substance from the ether; and from the heart of darkness, we shall spring forth a river that shall fill the firmament with light."

3 And there came forth beings, not a few, from the eons past who did follow the Lightbringer. Unto this Lightbringer, they did ask, what shall we do that we might be as thee.

4 And the Lightbringer did answer and say, Behold mine Eldest.

5 And from the magnificence of His robes stirred a magic unknown to the depths of the darkness: a great Dragon, yea, even the Lion, did make bear its holy and terrible roar and the Realms were as the Lightbringer instructed.

6 And after the Dragon, yea, even the Lion, came forth twelve others. And the Lion did say unto these twelve, Come. Let us gather the darkness from the void, and let us bring it forth unto ourselves that we might give it light, even as the Lightbringer has instructed.

7 And the twelve did do as they were bid, conjuring great fires in the midst of the belly of darkness and they did stir and did rattle the form of the deep, that it did bring forth light, yea, light was had in the shape of a ball that it might direct light upon the darkness in a manner which is pleasing unto the Lion and unto the Lightbringer.

8 And the greatest of the twelve did go forth and say unto the Dragon, yea, even the Lion, Allow me that I may draw out the embers from the burning orb that we might use these noble ones.

9 And the Lion said, It was well, but linger until I have obtained further light. Then, the Lion did go forth unto the Lightbringer and said, Behold that which I have done for thee. Behold, the fire that burns brightly through the darkness that it draws all manner of matter unto it.

10 And the Lightbringer said, It was well.

11 He then commanded the Lion to form the firmament, yea, even to create the very foundations of his majesty.

12 And the Lion did go forward and did bid unto the first, Go forward, my mightiest. Draw the fire from the orb that we might build the firmament, yea, draw forth the embers from the light, that we might make realms unto ourselves, yea, unto the Lightbringer who has brought us forth here.

13 And the mightiest did plunge therewith into the belly of the orb and did emerge glowing, but unscathed, bearing in her hands four orbs.

14 She did return unto the Eldest and did declare unto him, Behold, the purest metals.

15 To which the Eldest, even the Dragon and Lion of this work, did say, Well done. Now, give the first of these orbs unto the second, yea, and the third, even Ya'akov and Yochanan, and let the three of thee work upon this realm.

16 Yea, and pertaining to the second orb, yea, this orb of blue flame, I would have thee give this unto the fourth, yea, Mathis, and unto the fifth and the sixth: Matthaeus and Marcus. Have them work upon this metal, preparing it for what is to come.

17 And He did take the third orb and did instruct that it be given unto the seventh and the eighth and the ninth, yea, the Artificer and the Cartographer and the Bookkeeper. He said unto the first and mightiest of the twelve, Prepare this orb, yea, this orb of fools gold. Give this unto those whom I have specified that they may begin to form the face thereof.

18 And finally, the Eldest did take the final orb, yea, and the metal was cold and bitter. He said unto the first, "Cephas, give this orb unto Fenrisulfr and unto Jotunn and unto Bjorn, and let their powers stir upon this metal that it be in preparation for the end that we know what is to come when the Lightbringer shall call forth the gathering of the great ones. And there shall be none left who shall hide from their might and will, for, in that day, I will come unto them and give unto them commandment to conclude the realm and work at the bid of the Lightbringer.

19 And the first, yea, Cephas, yea, even the great Dragon who did draw forth the metals from the light of the deep did go forward and did give the four embers unto her fellow servants.

20 From the light of the four elements did spring forth the Realms of the Fey, according to the will and desire of the Lion who did answer the call of His master, the Lightbringer.

21 And it was in that day that a great Tower of gold, yea and of diamond, yea and of precious starlight and the heat of plasma did set itself, resting its mighty foundations upon that which had been made of the first ember, yea, and the ember did burn and from its bowels did pour light and life upon the deep.

22 And the Lightbringer did look upon the light and life and said, It is good.


Here your tale begins...


Understanding the Beginning

The beginning of all life and magic starts with the being known as the Lightbringer. He is the Father of the Primordial Realm and all within it: realms, creatures, and materials. It is at His command that the Dragon known as the Eldest uses His power to form the Primordial Realm, crafted from the amalgamated matter and energy of a great star known as the Deep Fire, and all matter drawn unto it. Following the Eldest and assisting in the creation of the Primordial Realm are twelve Elder Lords. Each are responsible for creating one of the four Realms within the Primordial Realm, known as the Realms of the Fey: Volcanic, Oceanic, Gold, and Glacial.

The Volcanic Realm

The Volcanic Realm, or the Fey Realm, is a primordial roil of fire and power that makes up the foundation of life within a place called the Mortal Realm. It is here that plant life, creatures, monsters, mortals, and wizards are taught purpose; it is here they are prepared for the true tempering within the Mortal Realm. On the Volcanic Realm, children of the Lightbringer or Fey Lord plan out and design all that will be on the Mortal Realm.

Denizens of the Volcanic Realm:

The Oceanic Realm

The Oceanic Realm ensures power and stability between the Mortal Realm and the four Realms of the Fey. This is both done through the protection and defense of the Primordial Realm and the Mortal Realm as well as through obtaining rare knowledge and time-lost secrets from the stars. 

The Gold Realm

The Gold Realm is also known as the Realm of Fools Gold. This appellation does not mean that those creatures and materials on this Realm are invaluable. They are, in fact, priceless. The Gold of this Realm simply lacks the majestic luster of the golden structures of the all-powerful Lightbringer's creations. The Gold Realm is responsible for increasing the responsibilities, luxuries, physical connection, and answering the needs between the Mortal Realm and the Realms of the Fey. This is done through the development of technology of all kinds. The development accomplished through the application and testing of star-gleaned knowledge from the Oceanic Realm as well as through the inhabitants of the Gold Realm's own imaginations.

The Glacial Realm

The Glacial Realm, or the Realm of Death, is the antithesis to the Mortal Realm. It ensures that all life on the Mortal Realm has an end, which is according to the designs and bid of the Lightbringer as all must account for their time on the Mortal Realm and the Realm's most refined resources are needed by the Realms of the Fey to power and maintain the interstellar vessels of the Eldest's conquering fleet.

The Mortal Realm

As these four Fey Realms, within the fifth and majestic Primordial Realm, dictate their wills upon the Deep Fire or the great orb from which Cephas gathered the four metals, the Mortal Realm is stirred and created.

The Mortal Realm is a place of life, emotion, learning, and loss; a place of great happiness or great despair. This is the Realm where the children of the Lightbringer, known as the Eloai or Fey, enter a testing and trial period to see how they have learned and understood the lessons of the Lightbringer before their descension to the Mortal Realm. Through gifts given by the Eldest, each Fey is blessed and granted aspects or projections of their spirit that inhabit physical frames through which they gain rich experiences that are truly powerful, real, and impactful. It is on the Mortal Realm where the Fey children can learn from their mistakes or choose to suffer by wallowing in the consequences of poor decisions. The experiences—the tests and trials; hardships and jubilations—a Fey has on the Mortal Realm is known as the Gauntlet, for it truly is a time where the Fey show their Fey Lord their quality, diligence, and valiance, it being a place of terror, trial, beauty & progression.