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The 8 Faerie-kind Elements

The eight Faerie-kind Elements are core energy hubs through which our experiences are filtered and energy maintenance occurs.

You may find that the 8 Elements are simple or obvious. However, it is the simple things in life that tend to have the greatest long-term impact on our health, well being, and personal development. As a holistic gaming company, The Grey Tavern focuses on the healing power of the simple.

Though by no means experts on the subject, The Grey Tavern seeks to educate through providing information about the components of our whole selves. This education is facilitated through fun and unifying games as well as meditative and cleaning activities.

The goal is to help people understand how the 8 Faerie-kind Elements are affective in their lives and how to recognize the 8 Elements in others so relationships and interactions can be more deep, fulfilling, and loving.

8 Faerie-kind Elements



Creation is the production, growth, or assembly of items, object, or beings into useful external instruments.

Use and Benefits

Creation spans a wide spectrum. It ranges from the creation of children to the creation of an aesthetical feeling in an environment to inventions of new technology or understandings. In many way, Creation is a necessary function, if not fundamental, for society at all levels as it is elemental for growth and general perceptions, values, and skills people in a society maintain as well as production of new and better attributes and objects.

This Element is something we experience every day. At home, this could look like playing blocks with children where you are forming and shaping them through your loving instructional guidance. At work, this could look like making a new strategy or improving someone's feelings toward your company.  

On an individual level, Creation is powerfully useful in improving and developing ones self. Through Creation, you can create skills, mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors in yourself that you did not have within you before.


The Element of Creation is powerful when understood, but it can be an excuse to not progress.

An important piece of Creation is that what is produced is of good worth and benefit. This could mean, for example, a grown child that interacts with others in a positive manner or if a new product with your company helps or uplifts people.

Existing in an endless loop of partially completed creations without a desire to complete them or to learn from them to make something better is a misuse of the Creation Element. 

There is also the aftermath of a Creation to consider.

After Creation has taken place, the creator has limited to no influence over how it is used or it acts, if it is a being. (Unless the created product is you or within you of course). Some may wish to use a product to harm people or reduce their growth. Your artwork may be used as a symbol to promote a group with poor or destructive goals. Even for yourself, a flash of anger may influence you to use a new skill poorly.

Whatever the case, a weakness of Creation, or rather a double-edged sword, is that a Creation has Dark and Light potential. What spectrum of potential a creation reaches is often up to the desire and choice of those who own or influence it in some way. However, fate, or the intentions of the creator for their Creation, continues to subtly influence the Creation's path.

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Faerie-kind Elements also work together to balance the refuel and use your personal energy.

Creation energy is refueled by the act of Creation itself as well as seeing what you've created used the way you intended it.

Creation energy is drained when the act of Creation is strained. This could potentially be due to stress or struggling to make your vision happen. Or drain can occur when all you desire is to work on your Creation, but are unable to do so for whatever reason.

Light vs Dark

Light and Dark individuals tend to approach Creation and energy maintenance of Creation differently.

There are two paths in which people use energy with the different Faerie-kind Elements.

  1. An action happens to you or you see and interpret an action, then you use energy to react to the action.
  2. You use energy to send out "feelers" to an action or object in order to comprehend it, then you continue to use energy to react to what you now comprehend.


In the case of Creation, Light individuals tend to use the first type of energy expenditure while the Dark use the second. This means that, in general, the Light tends to be better attuned to Creation and uses less energy when using this Element.

This usually manifests as the Light having an idea or dream of what to create and then set about doing it. They tend to not require energy to obtain an idea. As the Light uses less energy with Creation, they tend to be motivated to use this energy hub more than Dark individuals.


The Dark tend to approach Creation through methods such as discussing ideas first or analyzing current items, objects, or beings to discover what is lacking or missing. These types of methods help them identify what to create. Then, they focus their efforts on Creation.


Material is the gathering of material needed for the sustainment of life. Material is what must be done.

Use and Benefits

The Material Element is used when buying groceries or gathering resources for a project. This Element also houses our power, potency, and ability to accomplish what we must.

It is important to see that the Material Element is not just the energy hub for accomplishing the mundane. It also falls to the Material to restore the energy of many Elements. It is due to the Material that we take time for ourselves to regenerate and make it happen no matter how chaotic life gets.

Those who priorities their Material Element over others tend to be masters in their craft, passion, or simply in their ability to do.

Material differs from Creation. It is more an accumulation of resources necessary for one to live and to revitalize ones self, while Creation generally creates the resources Material needs. Creation and Material greatly overlap as they are sister Elements, often used in conjunction with one another.


Those who prioritize Material can be narrow sighted. They can become so focused on their tasks that they ignore, usually unintentionally, those around them. 

Additionally, these individuals tend to drain their energy to the point of depletion. Often this occurs because the individual feels so strongly they must complete the task that they push themselves to the point of depleting their energy, unfortunately sacrificing themselves and their motivation for the task. 

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Material Element is often refueled by knowing things are in their order, a goal being accomplishing, and taking time to pursue passions.

Draining occurs when goals aren't reached or when motivation for a project is low.

Light vs Dark

The way Light and Dark individuals manage energy through the Material Element is the opposite of Creation. With the Material Element, the Light tends to expend more energy than the Dark. 

Dark individuals tend to react after seeing a need that needs filling whereas the Light often tries to anticipate needs. As such the Light expends more energy by obtaining resources for what they guess might be needed and then must also react when circumstances change or the need wasn't addressed correctly in the preemptive attempt.

As the Dark uses less energy with Material, they tend to be motivated to use this energy hub more than Light individuals.


Memories or recollections of a more distant or abstract nature.

Uses and Benefits

The Astral Element is used to store our past experiences and learnings that we do not need on a day-to day-basis. These memories are held in stasis until we need to call them down to our Continuance for active use or recollection.

Being held in stasis means that these parts of our past are preserved as a complete picture of that moment, at least according to the perceptions and understanding of the individual creating the memory. When they are recalled, we have the power to remember every detail.

The Astral is also the house of the subconscious. It views the world through your historical context. This can include familiar behavior passed from generation to generation to tradition and reward systems learned as a child to interactions of the past. The subconscious uses these to give subtle impressions of when something is wrong and a valuable to consider even if your conscious does not understand what is wrong.

The Astral can also act as a defense mechanism when we face traumatic and even dramatic experiences.

  • Traumatic experiences- actions or objects of a Symbolic nature that are wrong or harmful. For example, poor moral actions that symbolize a very real personality, belief, or inner self hurt. This will be discussed more with Continuance.
  • Dramatic experiences- actions or objects of a Physical nature that are wrong or harmful. For example, a bodily wound. 
    Dramatic experience are elements of the physical world that aren't right with the world. Dramatic events usually involve bodily harm as your Astral is slower to recognize, deal with, or understand physical situations.
    A scrap on a child's knee is an example of a low-grade Dramatic event while a building collapsing may be middle to high grade depending on the danger to people, and a wounded or bloody individual is an example of high grade.

The Astral Elements can help you cope with and comprehend these events while managing your energy. Victims of either type of experience are often noted as burying the memory. This is the Astral helping the victim heal while the subconscious deals with the event and allowing them to face the experience in their Continuance when they are ready to.


A weakness of the Astral Element arises when one relies on it while ignoring their Continuance Element. Though individuals usually lean towards one of these sister Elements as their dominant energy hub, they should be used to flexibly support each other.

When the Astral is prominent, one is living in the past. There is, of course, a time and a place for this, but to continuously live with our pasts before us rather than our futures can lead to stilting or stunted personal progression and enlightenment. This can often lead to poor expectations of one's self. These expectations are built on perceived, often incomplete, understanding of what parents or other role models value rather than healthily breaking away and establishing your own value system.

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Astral Element is refueled when positive memories are placed within it and when the past is revisited with the goals of comprehension and understanding for one's betterment.

Drain occurs when the input is primarily negative. It also occurs when our subconscious is telling us that something is wrong but we don't listen to it or attempt to discover what is wrong.

Light vs Dark

Light individuals tend to use less energy with the Astral Element. They tend to be able to recall events quickly and accurately.

Dark individuals use more energy with the Astral. As they tend to rely more on the Continuance than the Astral, it takes more effort for them to recall something from the Astral as they usually seek to make it fit within the limited space of the Continuance.


The state of mind and thoughts that tend to compose our active personalities and desires.

Uses and Benefits

The Continuance is our active mind. It is the information, behaviors, beliefs, mindsets, and other elements that are needed either on a day to day basis or most regularly.

The Continuance Elements is powerful energy hub for pattern establishment and efficiency. While the Material Element focuses on doing and accomplishing, the Continuance focuses on the process and how to do it better and faster.

The Continuance is also a defense for its sister Element, Astral, and the personality and core behavioral make up of an individual stored there. It is the Continuance that faces and analyzes new perspectives. It is the front line against traumatic and dramatic events and how you act or react when they occur.


Because the Continuance Element is process oriented as well as the active defense for your personality or Anima make up, it is continually being refined, edited, and enhanced. This can mean pulling down experience stored in the Astral to replace unneeded experience within the Continuance. However, this general means that experience within the Continuance is being edited and changed.

The Continuance edits, splices, and combines experience so it has room to store more experience within it. Its space is limited compared to the vastness of the Astral. This condensing is used to narrow down to only what is needed. When the Continuance combines experience it is often with the goal aligning one's self to act or react in a certain way when a certain event occurs.

In general, the Continuance refining experience is a good thing. It helps us prepare for regular interactions, events and even hardships. Nevertheless, this editing can lead to a poor portrayal of past events. It can also cause one to be inflexible.

Those with high Astral discussing the past with high Continuance individuals can get into very heated debates about the past.

Additionally, Traumatic events are more devastating to the Continuance over the Astral. These events are theories, language, morals, or other abstract factors our lives. Usually these factors are informed by how we are taught to deal with and live within our social, cultural, and religious environments. Challenges or disruptions to these factors can cause trauma to how we have organized our active self in the Continuance. This can send the Continuance into disarray. It can take a while and healing to reorganize the Continuance.

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Continuance is refueled when the measures that have been taken to enhance and improve success does succeed.

This Element is drained when its processes are challenged or when it must work more than is needful to shift and change its processes.

Light vs Dark

Dark individuals tend to use less energy through the Continuance Element. This means that, in general, they lean towards the behaviors and personality processes set up in the Continuance to deal with situations.

A presentation of the Continuance at work is when a Dark individual sees someone in danger. Quite often, they see the action and act with little thought process because the chain of reactions to that action has already been established. This is very good especially when dealing with harmful or life threatening situations.

The Light, on the other hand, uses more energy with the Continuance. They tend to rely less on the process of the Continuance and more on the nebula of experience in the Astral. 

In the same example as the one above, Light individuals tend to stand back and view the situation. They are navigating their Astral to try and determine what to do in the situation. 

Both responses are good and needful for various types of situations and usually compliment each other.


The ability to perceive and recognize elements within the material or physical world.

Uses and Benefits

The Physical Element relies on your senses. Through your senses, you are informed of your surroundings and the Physical Element is the energy hub used to understand, navigate, and interpret your physical surroundings.

It is through the Physical that you discover and enjoy food you like, navigate your home town or a forest trail, or identify what a being is feeling through their body language. Through the Physical, you assemble the world around you and even its function (how it interacts and affects the material world).

This Element helps you avoid dangerous situations. It can also help you identify when and where someone is hurt or to smell bad food.

The Physical Element can be used through a historical filter in which past experience informs your current actions. These individuals usually have a hard time with new situations.

Others act on cues obtained through the Physical. These excel in giving what is needed but not necessarily what is wanted. These individuals often seek to connect memories with physical objects so they can look at it and remember the associated event.


We can become used to certain stimuli (or lack of) that maybe we shouldn't such as drugs or neglect. When we become used to stimuli, it passes through our filtration of the world almost undetected because we expect and accept it. This isn't all bad. Usually, this is very good. We simply must be vigilant about what stimuli or lack of stimuli we allow.

Sometimes our senses can be overwhelmed or overworked. When this occurs, they need time to rejuvenate. The primary way to rejuvenate your senses is to sleep, allowing your brain and neural circuitry time to heal. Healing of the senses can also take place through meditation and relaxation practices, both of which the Grey Tavern can lead.

Our filtration of the world is almost second nature to most of use. We often don't realize all that we allow in. More often, we don't know that there are may option that are potential better that what we're currently letting in. The Grey Tavern's exercises can help you learn what options there are and experience them to know if you'd like to integrate them into your best self.

Energy Refuel and Drain

Physical energy is refueled when we sleep, allow our senses to heal and revitalize, and through experiencing positive stimuli.

Drain occurs when we experience negative stimuli or when we do not allow our senses to take a break from absorbing the constant stimuli of the material world.

Light vs Dark

The Light tend to use less energy when using their senses to assemble and understand the physical world. They tend to use their energy simply to react to it. 

Meanwhile, the Dark tend to use energy to both assemble the world as well as react to it.


The ability to perceive and recognize elements of theory, language, and abstraction.

Uses and Benefits

The Symbolic Element is the energy hub through which our emotional, evidential, analytical, and experiential selves approach social, cultural, religious, and logical facets of our lives. 

The Symbolic, like its Sister the Physical, is the energy hub that has a certain filtration or interpretation of the world. Unlike the Physical which uses senses like smell, sight, and pheromones, the Symbolic utilizes moral, social, and emotional sensors to absorb the more abstract factors of our environment.

It is through the Symbolic that we learn language and understand concept. This is very useful for understanding stop signs as well as meanings of a national symbol, for example. Additionally, it is also where verbal and nonverbal cues are filtered for interpretation by the Astral or Continuance.


As the Symbolic is a filtration of social-cultural and social-religious types of understanding, it is limited by our past experiences, knowledge, perceptions, and beliefs. There are some things that may fly over someone's head simply because they do not understand the context and therefore the meaning of a statement or sign.

This is not to say that past experiences is necessarily bad. Rather it is to say that an individual who grew up in a Montana farm town and someone else who grew up Dubai have had different experiences and thus different perceptions of the world. 

The Symbolic helps us to be able to learn and empathize with these different perceptions.

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Symbolic is refueled through things like ideological discussions, coming to understand another, and perceiving the meaning of concepts.

This energy hub is drained when a symbol is not understood.

Light vs Dark

In the case of the Symbolic, a Dark individual tends to use less energy. They can see a symbol and only use energy to react or interpret it.

On the other hand, Light individuals require energy to perceive a symbol as well as interpret it.


The ability and desire to understand and comprehend the existence of a being that dwells beyond our own experience, generally with the intent to adapt one's position to better relate to another's.

Uses and Benefits

The Personal Element is responsible for the energy used for personal development, improvement, and empathetical comprehension of others. Those with a strong or highly influential Personal Element recognize that no being or creature has identical experiences. Using the Personal to understand differences and identify overlap is a powerful and potentially life enhancing practice as you implement the positive and truly good facets of other's experience into yours.

However, you must use the energy wisely. Self improvement can be quite draining unless someone learns how to utilize energy well.

Personal energy is introverted. Introverted means that in interactions with others, you take the energy someone is emitting and reform it for your response or reaction that gives them their energy back without using yours. This allows for little to no energy usage while still gaining the benefit of growth.


The Personal Element is prone to selfishness. They can take and not give back or they hold their experience close to the chest and are unwilling to share. Attributes such as pride, fear, or little desire for growth or to understand can lead to various forms selfishness.

There are needs to protect one's self and there are things each of us are proud of, but everything requires balance. Taking a true look at your actions, desires, and outlooks can help you to expand yourself and share with others things only you can share.

Energy Refuel and Drain

The Personal is refueled when personal progress is made or when you've helped someone else find balance and growth.

Drain occurs when progress is restrained. This restraining can be from an external or internal source.

Light vs Dark

Light individuals tend to use less energy with the personal. They are better at reacting to the energy of others and sharing it with others as dialogue or other interactions transpire.

Dark individuals use energy to both discover opportunities for personal growth and to react to those opportunities.


The ability to communicate one's existence and experience to another of another understanding. How one maintains their position while seeking to better communicate desires with another creature.

Uses and Benefits

Maintenance, like its sister Element Personal, seeks understanding of other's experiences. Unlike Personal, the Maintenance seeks to do this while remaining true to themselves. This is not to say that those with more Personal loose themselves on their journey. Instead, the Maintenance works hard to ensure that elements of themselves that they do no wish to be moved are not.

This Elements allows individuals practice dialogue and interactions in which beings can come to a greater understanding of one another but their value systems aren't altered unless it is by conscious choice of the individual. The Maintenance is essential for trade negotiations and debates where one must hold true to the goals of their nation or their ideologies.

It is also essential for finding balance. The Maintenance enables one to identify their core structure and recognize its value. Proper use of the Maintenance Element can improve and anchor one's self esteem and self belief.


The Maintenance Element tends to be highly fluid or highly rigid.

Rigidity can be good in cases such as when absolute action must occur in response to a terrible deed or believing strongly in someone. However, rigidity can decrease one's willingness to take or recognition of opportunities to growth from or with others.

High fluidity also has potential positive a negative results. On the positive side, fluidity increases one's ability to understand another's experience and help them. On the negative side, this can open you up for someone to take advantage of your belief in them.

Those who find a good balance between fluidity and rigidity are good at taking each situation case by case and acting as seems best.

Energy Refuel and Drain

Energy is drained from the Maintenance when one feels forced to change or feel that communication of desires and perspectives is either intentionally or unintentionally not being understood or accepted by another.

Refueling occurs when one is respected either by themselves or others. In other words, they don't feel forced to change themselves.

Light vs Dark

Dark individuals use less energy with the Maintenance Element as they hold themselves firm no matter the situation and simply react as they deem best.

Light individuals tend to project themselves off another ideology or individual, giving themselves an opportunity to feel or internalize what the other is doing or saying. This helps them better understand another before reacting.