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Children of the Fey Realm: Sprites

Sprites are Eloai who are beginning to realize their potential. They have a great drive to develop their newly discovered innate talents and realize their dreams.

Each type of Sprite has specific personalities and talents. Which one do you match with best?


The Cheyva value peace and respect. They hold themselves and others in high esteem, wishing all to be kind and respectful to each other. They value other's talents, perspectives and opinions, and experiences. Being gentle, logical, and humble, a Cheyva appreciates what they can learn from others. But they are quiet individuals. They often don't feel compelled to share their own thoughts unless asked, preferring instead to simply listen.

However, if others are forcing their views onto them or demanding certain actions, a Cheyva is immovable. They will stubbornly resist being controlled by another. Although, Cheyva value others, they are fiercely independent, and often prefer to work by themselves.

These Sprites are known for their ability to see their world clearly. They are not controlled by bias or personalization. Instead, they accept situations and people as they are. With this gift, Cheyva are incredibly calm. It is rare to see a Cheyva impassioned or highly stressed. This does not, however, mean they aren't driven. Cheyva are incredibly self-driven. They steadily work through their projects or goals, and as they go, they identify areas of improvement, make the needed changes, and continue onward at their own pace.

While their drive can take them far, a Cheyva can be unfair to themselves. They often don't celebrate their successes and choose to instead focus on where they could've improved. This may lead them to doubt themselves and believe others can do better than them.

The Cheyva are grounded. They are easy going and pleasant. Yet, if someone is unkind to them or another, a Cheyva, who prefers to avoid conflict, will not confront the mean person. They will simply leave and never interact with that person again. The Cheyva hold great respect for others. They find diverse thoughts and people intriguing and uniquely valuable. So, when others cannot respect those around them, a Cheyva wants nothing to do with that unkind person. 


The Tsippar seek above all to be loved and valued. Yet, they want the love and value be genuine. They want it to be sincere. And they know when someone isn't being genuine or sincere. Their intuition in this respect is unparalleled. As a result, they value honesty and trustworthiness. If someone is untrustworthy to a Tsippar, they avoid associating with them. But when someone is trustworthy, a Tsippar will share freely their fears and inadequacies as well as their loves and dreams. They are willing to be completely vulnerable so a loved one might completely understand and know them.

Tsippar are extremely compassionate and empathetic. They help others no matter the inconvenience of the timing. In fact, they are willing to give up everything to make someone, especially a loved one, happy. 

Often, a Tsippar can be emotionally intense. They put their whole heart into everything they do. They are efficient and effective planners, but are prone to becoming overwhelmed as they try to meet impossible expectations. These expectations often come as a result of a Tsippar's internalization of almost everything. They want everything to be perfect, or at least their idea of perfection.

In reality, this striving for perfection, sometimes through tight-gripped control, stems from a Tsippar's desire to be recognized for their good acts. And they have done many good acts. They seek appreciation through their deeds being remembered and through people remembering special events such as the Tsippar's birthday. 

A Tsippar is an individual of incredible integrity. They are fierce believers that rules are necessary for stability. So, they are very obedient to their moral code based on these rules. They will follow their moral code diligently, holding themselves accountable to it at all times.


The Trow seek respect and power. They are assertive and strong-willed. They have a vision of what they want to accomplish and move forward in the way they think is best. If someone suggests another way, a Trow will state the facts of the situation, explain why it must happen the way they envision, and stand their ground. If the other person doesn't stand their ground in return, the Trow will move forward, having no to little respect for those who don't stand their ground. If a project or goal does not reach what the Trow imagined, they will simply move on, knowing how to do it better now.

A Trow is extremely intellectual. Since they approach every situation logically and practically, they are almost always right. Even when they aren't, they so fiercely believe they are right that only those of equal will or those the Trow respects can convince them otherwise.

Trow enjoy debating. Though their dialogue is intense and often intimidating to people besides Trow, they are simply sharing facts how they see them and expect others to do so. The argument is in no way personal. It is simply a way of sharing an opinion to them.

A Trow often has thick barriers. They control the world around them because they have a strong vision of they want. They thrive off the challenge and adventure of life, especially what can accomplished during life. They have to have thick skin to achieve the power and respect they desire. As a result, Trow hate being vulnerable, so often won't tell those they love how much they mean to them. Despite their silence, those who the Trow loves occupy a special, protected place deep within their heart.


The Re'mes are fun and carefree. They enjoy new people and experiences. They often jump from one thing to the next, living in the moment and seeking random and impromptu fun experiences.

Re'mes are highly inclusive. They love people and want to share their experiences with others. They are known to love hugs and physical contact since, for them, it is the highest quality of personal interaction. The Re'mes are contagiously happy and charismatic. They uplift others through fun and adventure.

A Re'mes can be innocent toward life. They choose not to plan in advance as they want to experience life at its fullest, and they worry something more fun might come along instead. Having a strong belief that the next day will always be better and more exciting, they ignore pain and hard things, thinking that the problems will resolve themselves. Sadly, these hard truths aren't addressed quick enough by a Re'mes.

But Re'mes are known for their positivity and their ability to bounce back. Many believe these individuals are blessed with an incredible amount of luck.

A Re'mes have to be in action. They are so in the moment that they cannot stay quiet or sit still. They always need to talk, often interrupting others, which other Re'mes enjoy. A Re'mes very rarely follows a straight or orderly path to a destination. Instead, they take a zigzagging, spiral, and chaotic road only to sometimes reach their goal. If they didn't, the simply move on to the next exciting adventure.