Quest Introduction:
Before your adventures begin, you must choose a name for yourself. This will be the name that all of North Forge will know you by.

Primary Quest:
-Make your character by filling out the following form:
Character Creation Form

-Open the "North Forge - Character Sheet". Then find your name.
North Forge - Character Sheet

-Memorize or write down your Character ID in case someone chooses a similar character name.

Secondary Quest:
-Fill out all questions in the Character Creation Form 

Primary Quest Rewards: 
- Receive 1 Experience Point for every question you fill out
- Unlock "The Adventurer" Title.

Secondary Quest Reward:
- Unlock "The Wanderer" Title.

Quest Conclusion:
You are now an official adventurer of North Forge. Keep your character identification number on hand in case another adventurer selects a similar name to yours. This will help you report your quests under the correct name in the future.

You can now check in on your character sheet at any time. Selecting your name will bring up your basic information.

Keep in mind, it may take up to an hour after completing your character creation form before your name will appear on future quest submission reports. 

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