Interactive Quest
This quest has interactive elements. However

Location Hours:
Potions of the Vine (Soda Vine)
9:00am - 11:00pm

CopperNeck Potions (Grey Scotts)
6:30am - 10:30pm

Throat Trim Inn (BarberPop Shop)
9:00am - 11:00pm

Quest Introduction:
Due to the recent enchantments cursed upon several Steadfast guards, The head master of Winterhelm Academy, Master Bartholomew, has asked the Alchemy professor, Professor Willet, to quietly inspect several of the local potion stores for traces of harmful materials. Master Bartholomew wants to be sure that the recent enchantments are not coming from local potion shops. Not wanting to raise eyebrows in the community, Professor Willet has enlisted your help with these inspections. His orders are as follows:

Adventurer Quest:
~Visit 1 of the 3 potion shops designated by Professor Willet:
 - CopperNeck Potions (Great Scotts)
 - Potions of the Vine (Soda Vine)
 - Throat Trim Inn (Barberpop Shop)

~Ask the potion maker for their "Most Outrageous Potion". (Though you may also ask for their "Most Outrageous Soda or Beverage")

~Drink at least 8 oz. of the potion you receive.

~Report your findings in the "Safety Inspection" Quest Report.

Heroic Quest:
~Try the "Most Outrageous Potion" from all 3 of the potion shops.

Where to Start:
~All three of the potion shops are within a 10 minute walk from the north-western corner of Winterhelm Academy. 

Continue Only After Quest is Complete!

Saftey Inspection Quest Report

Quest Conclusion:
You receive a letter from the Professor Willet. It reads:

Dragon Bond: Hedrick
Shortly after recieving the letter from Professor Willet, you are approached by a very young copper dragon. He appears nervous as he shuffles about, but after clearing his throat, presents you with the following request:

Would you like to accept a bonded dragon scale from Hedrick, the copper drake? This will allow you to use some of Hedrick's electromancy in the future, in exchange for allowing Hedrick to draw upon your inner magic. 

Hedrick: Bonded Crown Scale
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Quest Complete

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