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Questing Details

Interactive Quest:
Adventure contains character interaction.

Quest Available:
October 1st-October 31st

Location Hours:
Old Raven Inn (June's Place)
6:30am-6:00pm (Most days)

Dragon Tamer Tavern (Game Pulse)
3:00pm-10:00pm (Most Days)

Sunlight Potions & Pub (K-Lani's)
12:00pm-10:00pm (Most Days)

Quest Information

Quest Introduction:
You are delivered a mysterious note:

Adventurer Quest:
~Follow the Notes Instructions

~Complete at least 1 of the instructions given to you by those at Old Raven Inn

~Report your findings in the "On Behalf of Balefire" Quest Report.

Heroic Quest:
~Fulfill ALL instructions given by those at the Old Raven Inn

Where to Start:
~Follow the instructions on the note, and go to The Old Raven Inn and speak to a barkeep or alchemist.

Continue Only After Completing Quest

On Behalf of BaleFire Quest Report

Quest Conclusion
With the recovered runes, you now have the spells to combat the dark beings that lurk within Balefire Prison. Use them wisely.

Reward Notes:
The following rewards can be acquired from "Old Raven Inn".
Purchasable Reward Link: Quest Rewards

 - "The Curious"
 - "The Pale Flame"
 - "The Black Bird"

 - "Pact Remembrance"
 - "Restore Contract"

Dragon Objects
 - "Magpie" Balefire Wyvern Bonded Scale

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