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The History of North Forge V1

The town of North Forge appears unremarkable at first glance. Resting on the northern border of the land of Anaes, it boasts a sizeable weapon forge, an academy, and a relatively standard community of magic-wielding folk.

North Forge’s greatest secret is not actually the town itself but the narrow neck of land just outside it. Though it may seem insignificant, whoever controls the neck controls the influx of citizens, soldiers, and resources. Nothing can enter or leave North Forge without travelling through this pass, making it a most advantageous piece of land.

For this reason, King Druvaris fought so hard to keep it.

Hailing from the charcoal spires of the Obsidian Empire in the northern Burning Lands, King Druvaris, the Lord of Ash, relied on volcanic dragon fire and fear to keep the people of North Forge under his power. Smoke constantly choked the air, billowing from the remains of the townships that attempted to defy Druvaris. A large, bleak tower was erected on a hill in the heart of North Forge, the highest point of the land, as a reminder of Druvaris’s cruelty and control. His infamous public executions of rebels and innocents alike gave the monument an appropriate name: “The Tower of Tears.” Hope gradually became extinguished as the people of North Forge bent under the will of the Lord of Ash.

But try as he might, Druvaris couldn’t scorch the entirety of the land into submission.

Having endured years of oppression, decline, and flame, the people of North Forge began to slowly gather a force worthy of defeating King Druvaris. Led by Miren, Chief Elder and Commander of the Steadfast guild, and Angarok, wise leader of the Fellowship guild, a Union was secretly, and carefully, formed. This Union, comprising The Steadfast, The Fellowship, and the craftsmen ofThe Grand Continuum, rallied together to drive the Lord of Ash from his throne.

After being plagued by rumors of a rebel uprising, Druvaris himself led a squadron of his fiercest warriors across the neck of land, preparing to quash any hint of disobedience. But instead of being met with a disorderly crowd of rabble rousers, Druvaris was faced with the full force of the Union Army. The Lord of Ash had finally slipped, underestimating the strength of his subjects.

Druvaris and his minions attempted to burn the rebels into submission, as they had done so many times before, but their numbers were soon overwhelmed. Rendered incapacitated, Druvaris was driven from North Forge by Miren’s Steadfast army back to the Burning Lands. With the potent combination of silver and gold dragon magic, enhanced with devices created by The Grand Continuum, Druvaris was trapped and sealed beneath hundreds of tons of the gleaming volcanic rock that had built his former kingdom.

North Forge Today

Upon their triumphant return, the Union leaders tore down the reviled Tower of Tears, replacing it with a shining symbol of hope: the Beacon of Light. Atop the hill and in the valley roundabout, North Forge was rebuilt from a dark place of oppression and ruin to a shining town bustling with opportunity. Together, the Union guilds constructed Winterhelm Academy, a school designed to help students foster their inner magic as well as the art of combat, should evil rise again. Centuries later, the Union has continued to prosper, and North Forge is an ideal setting for the Anaesean who seeks to learn and grow under the watchful eye of its wise leaders. 

But power is much easier to seize than it is to keep. Chief among those who would overpower North Forge are the Deep Fire Accord, fire magic wielders who secretly defy the Union and wait for their Buried King to awaken. The Order of Bale lurks in the shadows of North Forge and exploits the careless folk who seek them out, Union sympathizers or otherwise. Besides protecting the people of North Forge against these potential threats, the leaders of the Union are constantly occupied with keeping the High Court and its power-hungry fae courtiers in check.

For three hundred years, they have been able to maintain the delicate balance of peace, yet rumors swirl of the Buried King’s return. Each day, his merciless power threatens to erupt, raining his vengeance upon North Forge and all of Anaes.

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