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Keepers of the Fey Realm: Daimons

The Daimons, also known as the High Fey, are a powerful couple of cosmic and ethereal magical ability. They soar through the Realms of the Fey with their individual dragons performing various tasks including searching the cosmos for new dragons, creating worlds, and fighting against the Deceiver and other factions who would do the Eloai harm.

One of the Daimons is more feminine while the other is more masculine. They have different powers that complete each other, but they could not be Daimons- the second rank of the Dragon- without each other. They truly are one together. They need each other's talents and incredible powers to continue their ascension together to the rank of Elder Dragon.

Daimon- Feminine

Creators of Worlds

The feminine Daimon are Eloai of raw, creative power. They have incredible ability to create anything they desire. As such, it is them that the Lightbringer trusts to create the Mortal Realm. These feminine Daimons are truly the creators of worlds.

The feminine Daimons harness the elements of the Realms of the Fey to create the world. They command the molten, roiling energies of the Volcanic Realm to shape continents with soaring mountains and trees and great rivers. They pull together the waters of the Oceanic Realm to create societies of any organization they wish. In the Gold Realm, they imagine a device for interstellar travel and it is made.

There is no end to what the feminine Daimons can create. So, they decide what the Mortal Realm shall be. Is it a land made up of floating continents? Is the world one only of water? Are there bridges to the thirty moons surrounding the earth, allowing the inhabitants to spread and live on these moons as well? The limit is what the feminine Daimons can imagine.

However, their primary goal should be to create a world that allows the Eloai and dragons upon it to progress through the Fey and Dragon ranks.


Mother Dragon

The feminine Daimons' greatest Dragon is a massive creature. The Eloai that live on this Dragon are little more than pollen specks when one looks solely at her. This colossal Mother Dragon provides safety and care for the young Eloai as well as smaller dragon mothers and their babies. 

The Mother Dragon and the feminine Daimons are bonded to one another. Together, they make up the feminine Daimons, though the Mother Dragon is under the authority and power of the feminine Daimons as they are the Eloai and the ones entrusted with the Eldest's power.

Upon the Mother Dragon is the creations of the feminine Daimons. This allows the Eloai and dragons on the Mother Dragon to become familiar with the Mortal Realm they will be entering. Upon these Mother Dragons are great forests, mountains, and physical creations. The Eloai and smaller dragons live under the Mother Dragon's raised scales that are great cave-like scale cavities. The inhabitants of the Mother Dragon can be seen using the physical magics of the specific Fey Realm they are in. These physical magics are drawn from the ley lines of Fey Matter throughout the body of the Mother Dragon.

The Mother Dragon and the feminine Daimons work together to ensure that those living on her have all they need and are protected. 

Being creatures of raw and immense might, the feminine Daimons and Mother Dragons and their creations provide the foundations on which the masculine Daimons, Crystal Fey, and others can begin to do their work. The might of the feminine Daimons is shared with the Mortal Realm, which replicates and mirrors their creations. The masculine Daimons and the Crystal Fey help the feminine Daimons manage their creations on the Mortal Realm.

The Crystal Fey Wizards are anchored to a Mother Dragon and can use it as a source from which to use the feminine Daimons' magic in the Mortal Realm. This can be done to fertilize the earth, grow vegetation, design or redesign the face of their domain, and call forth the minerals, nutrients, and other precious resources from within the Mortal Plane to areas where they are needed.


Cosmic Adventure of the Daimons

Once their Mother Dragon is sustained so that the creations on her are prepared to be replicated on the Mortal Realm and the Eloai and dragons have what they need, the feminine Daimon meets with the Lightbringer in the grand Library.

Before the feminine Daimons leave, they draw some of the matter from the Mother Dragon to mold for him or herself a dryadic form to show a sampling of what he or she had made. At the Library, he or she meets with the Fey Lords who are combined into the ultimate form of the fifth Dragon rank. In a single, powerful draconic form, their grand, tall, and beautiful humanoid form is draped with robes and precious material that cover them from neck to feet. From their backs sprout three pairs of white feathered wings that stretch back to a length twice the Fey Lords’ impressive height. Rising intricately and impressively from their head are two racks of antlers. The first is shorter than the first and the two vary a little in the thickness of the beam, in the number of tines, and in their curving pattern. The second and larger rack is topped with wide stretching palms.

The three embark on a search in the highest tiers of the Library for stories of mortals from past Realms- valiant knights, heroes, and steadfast upholders of unity that have attained Daimon status of the masculine variety- who would be suitable matches for their much loved feminine Daimons.

When options have been selected, the Fey Lord and their feminine Daimons, escorted individually, travel the cosmos to other Fey Realms, seeking out the authors of the books on these mortals.

When those authors, the Fey Lords over these mortals, are found, they are asked to share more details about these potential matches and the feminine Daimons selects which of the masculine Daimons he or she would like to meet. After a time of courtship, the feminine Daimons chooses a spouse. When this is done, the masculine Daimons's Fey Lords bid him or her a loving farewell. Then the feminine and masculine Daimons travel back to where the Mother Dragon waits. The masculine Daimons also brings his Dragon with him, making it and the Mother Dragon a mated pair.

When they return, the masculine Daimons's code is imbued into the creations of the feminine so that the two of them might work together on the created world. Together, they decide on the physical, magical, mental, and more abilities they shall have when they go down to the Mortal Realm together and that will be passed onto their children. The bloodline of the Daimons on the Mortal Realm is a Wizard bloodline through which Crystal Fey are born and help their Daimons parents manage their creations.

Daimons- Masculine

Protectors and Hunters

The masculine Daimons are keepers of greater souls waiting for their chance at mortality. These greater souls are the Eloai and the dragons. In the Realm of the Fey, masculine Daimons provide for and protect the feminine Daimons and their Mother Dragons. They provide for them by hunting for new dragons among the Fey Matter nebula of the Primordial Realm. The dragons they bring back are able to bond with Eloai and become physical on the Mortal Realm.

However, while they hunt for dragons, the Mother Dragon and feminine Daimons are open to attack by the Deceiver or other factions within the Primordial Realm. While the Mother Dragon and feminine Daimons are physically capable and powerful, they simply have a lot to do as all the Eloai and the mother dragons and their children live on the Mother Dragon. The masculine Daimons's Dragon has no dragon children or Eloai upon it, but has other male dragons that act as scouts and warriors in battle.

The masculine Daimons must be wise in when and how they hunt for new dragons, and they must vigilantly watch for danger.


The masculine Daimons assist his or her spouse in their tasks as well as guide the Crystal Fey and Dark Fey. They will offer advice and assistance on how the Feys can help prepare the Eloai of the various Fey ranks for their experience on the Mortal Realm. The masculine Daimons are well qualified for this as they have already experienced mortality as a humanoid mortal and were valiant.


Many of the spells and magics of masculine Daimons deal with the progression and empowerment of the Eloai.

They have the ability to use the magics of the other Fey in addition to their own. They do this under the direction of the Elder Dragons and the Fey with whom they are working. Their magics are used to help the Crystal Fey learn while they are Sorcerers, but while the Crystal Fey is in the Mortal Realm as a Wizard, Daimons- who are the true domain lords of the Mortal Realm- more directly command on certain actions the Wizard should take.


These Daimons are able to give special magics and spells to Wizards whether they are from his or her wizard line or another's. These spells empower Wizards to assist and even be conduits, in special cases, of Fey, Elder Dragon, and even Eldest magic. These wizards are usually those sent to gather a plant or animal soul that needs to be returned to the Fey Realm and to offer spells to mortals, in addition to other responsibilities and tasks. However, the masculine Daimons are quick to take this magic away if they think it will be misused. As such, all of this Daimons's spells given to wizards come with a warning: If this magic is used for the Deceiver or twisted for the Deceiver to use, the Wizard will be subject to Balefire, the terrible searing power of the law of the Lion, the overseer of all Fey Realms.

Lastly, masculine Daimons bless mortals with wards against the Deceiver. Though mortals are mostly immune to the Deceiver, if a mortal has done enough evil, even they can become tools of the Deceiver. When this happens, other mortals need to be protected from the folly of their fellow mortals.

Mortal Past

The masculine Daimons are those that Dark Fey collect into the cave. They are mortals who have been steadfast and true to the spells they received during their mortal life. For proving their worth, these mortals are gifted with ascension to the second Dragon rank. The Fey Mother and Father task him or her with uplifting the other Fey Cherubim both in the Fey Realm and Mortal Realm. As such, the masculine Daimons uphold and support the Fey, comforting them if one of the Eloai or dragons the Fey taught fails and celebrating with them when they succeed.

Each High Fey also has the promise of becoming a progenitor of a Wizard line in a Mortal Realm with a feminine Daimons.