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Keepers of the Fey Realm: Dark Fey


When the work of the Crystal Fey is well underway, the Fey Lords summon the Dark Fey.

A low horn sounds over the Primordial Realm. The inhabitants are struck with an uneasy stillness. Then, a great shadow passes over the entirety of the Realm. The Sprites and Fairies cower, taking refuge in their homes. The Crystal Fey draw their weapons but seem unsure if they should take flight as this not an act of the Deceiver. Even the Mother Trees still.

From the Deep Fire comes a great roar. Bursting from deep within is the Alpha Dragon. The Dragon is a human woman, toned and powerful, a sword in both hands. Behind her and held in the same manner as the Kinlung are two sets of massive and glorious white-feathered wings that at least double the size of the Kinlung’s. Her robes, also of white, purple and red, cover her form. The elegant cut mimics the beauty of her feathered wings. The Alpha’s expression is fierce as she eyes the constantly shifting shadow above.

Flying to the center of the Realm, again without the use of wings, she stops. She raises one sword high over head and calls to the shadow above, ordering the barely distinguishable forms within to follow her. Without waiting, she heads to a Mother Tree, her great waves of hair flowing between the juncture of her wings. The shadows amass and descend as a tornado, the mouth following the path of the Alpha.

Upon reaching the first Tree, the Alpha maneuvers through the mid-tier branches. As she does, she lays many, many crafted humanoid forms of wood and bone carefully on these great branches. Once this is done, the Alpha hovers over the Tree with the mouth of the tornado spinning behind her but not moving forward. She calls out to the Fey, Sprite, and Fairy kind of that Tree, announcing the arrival of the Dark Fey. She tells them these are children of other Fey Lords and these children fell to the Deceiver while in mortality. She adds that these Dark Fey have seen the error of their ways and seek now to prove themselves worthy to return to their true Parents. Lastly, she warns to beware, for these are creatures of vengeance.

Once this warning has been given, she waves the tornado forward. In a terrible rush that swallows the Alpha completely, the Dark Fey hurry to their forms. Moments after being hidden from view, the Alpha bursts out of the spinning force and heads to the next Mother Tree to deliver more wooden forms and to issue the same message and warning. Another tornado emerges from the shadow to follow her to the next Tree. This pattern continues until all the Mother Trees have received Dark Fey and the shadow is dispersed.

The wooden forms of the Dark Fey are special. They are hand-crafted by the Fey Mother and Father of the Realm they come from and are given to the Eldest of this Fey Realm to provide their children with when they are called to serve these Fey Lords. The forms are made from the very fibers of their Parents’ beings. They are gifts– gifts of love; gifts of encouragement and a show that their Parents’ believe in them, that they know they’ll return to their loving embrace.

After being filled with a Dark Fey, these wooden forms stand and the Dark Fey immediately go to work. They will not sit by and wait for the chance to earn a Fey soul, but eagerly do what the Fey Lords of this Realm have set for them to do.

First, they visit the Crystal Fey. These sentinels take a while to listen to the Dark Fey and in most cases need to be persuaded by the Alpha to do so. When they do listen, the Dark Fey request that they bring the Sprites that show the most promise to the mid-tier branches, but other Sprites shouldn’t know where these selected ones are going.

When these Sprites are brought, they show fear and nervousness but stand together against them. The Dark Fey, happy to see this, explain that they have the opportunity to take on new spells as a reward for their diligence and bravery as Sprites. Those that accept, who need some assurance by the Crystal Fey, are divided into three groups: Trow, Druids, and Archdruids.

The Trow are split into two groups: Meltsar and Ze’ev. The Trow remain as animals but are established as leaders of their kind, to guide and help their Sprite friends in the Fey Realm, but most especially in the Realm of the Mortals. Though they will return to the Sprites to help them in the Fey Realm, the Trow receive special, secret training from the Dark Fey as well. The Trow are tasked and trained to ensure there is balance in the Tree. The Meltsar are taught to ensure the fields of the earth don’t become overrun with vegetation so the Mortal Realm isn’t caught in an untamable fire. The Ze’ev are taught to thin herds if they are eating through vegetation too quickly. In short, the Dark Fey train the Trow on the importance of the circle and balance of life.

The Druids and Archdruids are removed from the group and taken to the High Fey in the upper branches of the Mother Tree. There, the High Fey and Wild Fey craft from the Tree dryadic forms like the Wild Fey first assumed. The difference between the Druid and Archdruids forms is that the Archdruids are given a crown. This crown sets them apart as leaders of Druid kind, or mortal kind when they enter the Mortal Realm. Once the Druids and Archdruids receive their forms, they return to the Dark Fey to begin their learning.

Instead of teaching Druid kind instinct like the Crystal Fey animals, they gain knowledge. They are taught skills, tools, and technologies. Those who are diligent in their studies are given a spell that will allow them to bring their learnings and inventions to fruition in the Mortal Realm. The reason Druid kind must learn about technologies and learned skills is because unlike the wizard races born from the High Fey and Wild Fey, they do not generally have magic. However, some of the spells given by the Dark Fey can allow Druid kind that prove themselves to be granted the ability to use a form of magic.

The most important material the Dark Fey teach Druid kind is how to practice and determine judgement and mercy- when to follow the laws of the land and when to follow the heart.

This is especially important for Archdruids. While they receive the same training as the Druids, they have added to their training the responsibilities and duties of a leader. The spells they make with the Dark Fey are given to help them remember, know, and act according to the Dark Fey trainings. One of the most common blessings of one of these spells is that leaders will receive dreams of their experiences in the Fey Realm, reminding them of their duty.

Even when Druid kind go to the Realm of Mortals as mortals, the Dark Fey continue to watch over them. Though mortals have forgotten their lives in the Fey Realm, as they practice the principles of judgement and mercy taught to them, the spells they made with the Dark Fey are activated and knowledge and inventions are created in the Mortal Realm.

However, if mortals exercise judgement and mercy incorrectly, especially Archdruids or rulers, the Dark Fey give the mortal populations tools necessary for them to free themselves from the ruler’s influence. Spells given in the Fey Realm to particularly diligent mortals activate in response to the actions of the poor ruler. Dragons or their servants are sent to help the diligent mortal relearn the awesome and unique skills given through the spell and its dictates. These abilities are then deactivated when the task is completed. The other times these abilities are activated is when the innocent are harmed in any way.

If any of the abilities given through Dark Fey spells are misused or used for the purposes of the Deceiver, the mortal is cursed. These curses can take various forms and are dependent upon the severity of what was done with the magic.

Those mortals that follow the dictates of the spells given them and live a valiant life are gathered by Dragons or their servants into the Fey Realm. They are taken to a cave prepared within the branches of the Mother Tree to rest until they are awoken and called out to be made High Fey through the power and magics of the Eldest in his or her realm within the Deep Fire.

The last task of the Dark Fey is most dire and involves solely wizards, the descendants of the High Fey and Wild Fey couple. When a mortal wizard falls to the Deceiver, a Dark Fey is dispatched personally from the Fey Realm to the Realm of the Mortals to offer a deal. The particulars of the deal vary depending on the situation, what was done in service to the Deceiver, and whether the witch or warlock is remorseful. If the deal is not accepted, the Dark Fey performs their most terrible of magics. With the utterance of the spell, a dark energy is thrust into the fallen wizard and claws out the Druid part from the soul and places it within a jar.

The Dark Fey must also deal with the Fey soul within this wizard. For the second time, dark energy enters into the wizard and removes the Fey soul, leaving the wizard’s body empty and to fall to the earth. The Fey soul is consumed in the Dark Fey’s mouth of wood where the soul combines with its own intelligence. The newly made wizard soul leaves the wooden form and enters the fallen wizards frame. But this new body knows there is an imposter and it actively rejects the Dark Fey through sickness, marks, or other physical signs.

The Dark Fey carries the jar of the fallen wizard with them as he or she works to remove the curses the fallen wizard has attained. This is in part done by finding representatives of the Eldest on the Mortal Realm. The rest, however, must be done on a witch or warlock’s demi-plane in the void.

The Dark Fey has access to the witch or warlock’s memories in the form of a personal library on this demi-plane. Outside the window are the demons, Oni, vampires, and ninjas the fallen wizard has acquired through dark deeds and curses. The Dark Fey must defeat each one but cannot do so without the witch or warlock, for a great part of this mission is to change the heart of the fallen one. But the Dark Fey is on the clock. If he or she cannot defeat all the demons and creatures and remove all the curses, the body will fail. If this happens, the fallen wizard will be lost and the Dark Fey will return to its wooden form.

Only when the demons of the demi-plane are destroyed and all the curses removed is the jar collected by a Dragon or a trusted Dark Fey wizard to take to the Fey Realm where the Eldest and Dark Fey there will continue to work with the now remorseful wizard. The Fey Lords are even now preparing a beautiful body of wood and bone for their fallen child in hopes that he or she will choose to pledge themselves to the Eldest, forget the Deceiver, and retry mortality through the Dark Fey route.

The Dark Fey that saved the fallen wizard is now able to live a life in mortality and it is through this life that they must prove themselves changed and worthy to return to their home Fey Realm and Parents.

Until their work is done and their mortal life ended and performed valiantly, the Dark Fey cannot return to the Realm of the Fey.