Keepers of the Fey Realm: Crystal Fey

The Crystal Fey are great defenders of young Eloai and commanders of realm-altering magics. As a Crystal Fey, an Eloai has attained the first rank of Dragon. In this rank, they descend again to the Mortal Realm, this time as a master Wizard, for they wield the power to change the very laws of the world.

With this power, they guide and protect the inhabitants of the Mortal Realm. They are advisors to the many kings within their domain and are leaders of the valiant, the courageous, and the pure. They make long journeys to areas where their help is needed, whether wanted or not. They protect against evil strategies of the Deceiver to overtake the inhabitants of the Mortal Realm—aiding, guiding, and teaching those who would answer the call to risk all to overcome this evil.

Crystal Fey perform their guardian functions on the Mortal Realm for a period of 500 years or one Fey Age as it would be known in the Realms of the Fey.

In the Realms of the Fey

Before going to the Mortal Realm, Crystal Fey must prepare for their new and great power. For in this first Dragon rank, they are entrusted for the first time with certain magics of the Eldest. This power is given by the High Fey or Daimons the Crystal Fey is to serve under.

The High Fey teaches, instructs, and uplifts the Crystal Fey while he or she is training them in the Realms of the Fey as well as while they're on the Mortal Realm. The instruction of the Daimons is necessary not only for the Crystal Fey to do well on the Mortal Realm, but also for the Crystal Fey to be prepared to ascend to the second Dragon rank after their 500 year stewardship. This second rank is the rank of the Daimons.

The First Appearance of the Crystal Fey

With the grand Dragons of the Daimons prepared for their tasks to care for and protect the Eloai, the Fey Lords call forth from their Golden Thrones upon the Lion their next children: The Crystal Fey.

The Crystal Cherubim erupt from the scale cavities of the Lion in greater numbers than the first Daimons. They shower the abode of the Lightbringer as they flock to the Mother Dragons to which their Parents have sent them. Their moth- and butterfly-like wings are folded around them, draping over their long-shawl as beautiful mantles. 

Moments after the Crystal Fey begin to leave the Lion, there is a stirring deep within the nebular matter of the Volcanic Realm. Emerging with a soul-rattling howl, the great and terrible Dragon of Ya'akov encircles the descending Crystal Fey without a flap of his wasp-style wings. It's long form is much greater than those of the Daimons, dwarfing them in size and might. His keen eyes search the roiling nebula for danger. His snarl causes the Fey Matter to tremble.

When the Crystal Fey have all arrived at the Mother Dragons of the Daimons, these Eloai that have proved themselves as Priests on the Mortal Realm, are presented before an artifact handed down through the generations of the Fey and delivered by Ya'akov known as the Crystal. A Crystal is given to the Daimons who oversee the Crystal Fey while they rest under the Crystal's light, which prepares the Crystal Fey for their work in the Realms of the Fey and on the Mortal Realm. This Crystal is a direct reflection or refraction gradually and softly emitted upon these Crystal Fey. The source of the Crystal is the cosmic love and care that stems from their great and grand Fey Mother and Father, who watch these young and eager Eloai grow from their Lion of diamond, gold, starlight, and plasma. The Crystal’s light or energy gives these selected and prepared Crystal Fey an emission of divine exposure and intelligence. From the Crystal they learn new magics, spells, and knowledge.

While this light elevates the understanding and conscience of each of these dear Crystal Cherubim, they rest deeply in individual protective and transformative cocoons made from their moth or butterfly wings.

Throughout their enlightenment, the forms of the Crystal Fey change. Their bodies lengthen and gain more defined, mature physical structure. Their long-shawls turn white and gain marking of various celestial bodies such as stars, moons, and suns. Hardening under the light of the Crystal, their wings absorb the designs and textures of the butterfly and moth wings to create wings of clear crystal.

As their time under the Crystal comes closer to an end, the area increases in luminosity as the crystallic wings refract and reflect the Crystal’s light as rainbows both on their wings and rainbows arcing through areas where they are transforming. When the transformation and enlightenment is complete, the Crystal Fey emerge as powerful protectors of their Mother Dragons and the Eloai that live on them.

Crystal Fey as Sorcerers

Crystal Fey, also known as Sorcerers, are the elite defenders of the young Eloai and lesser dragons living on the Dragon of the Daimons. They protect them from the Deceiver and his agents who would take the intelligence of these beings and either corrupt or destroy it, absorbing it into themselves. Being the most numerous of the Fey, these grand sentinels constantly watch over their majestic Mother Dragons and its inhabitants, prepared at any moment to defend the dragons and innocent little ones of their Fey Mother and Father.

If an Eloai or dragon were ever to be kidnapped by a witch or warlock, the Fey Lords, with terrible anger, send the Crystal Fey and other Fey of a Dragon rank to save their precious little ones and return them safely home. The witch or warlock is subject to Balefire for their actions against ones so innocent.

In order to prepare to instruct and guide others on the Mortal Realm, the Crystal Fey practice with Eloai of the Sprite rank.

After their emergence from their cocoons, the Crystal Fey go to the Faerie societies on the Mother Dragons. There they address the tiny, sweet, and innocent Faeries, calling those who are brave and willing to ascend to the existence of a Sprite. Those little Faeries that answer are guided to an area on the Mother Dragon prepared for the training of Sprites. There the Crystal Fey teach the Faeries the spells of the Sprites. The Fairies that accept the conditions of the spells are given long-shawls resembling the creature they will become on the Mortal Realm.

Like soldiers, Crystal Fey Sorcerers lead legions of their rambunctious but dutiful Sprites through trainings and exercises to prepare them to go down into the Mortal Realm where their true potential will be tested and tried. These preparations happen both individually and collectively and are done to develop a creature’s instincts through repetitious and rigorous practice.

As the Crystal Fey were once Sprites that experienced mortality as animals, they know well the dangers their wards will experience. Their quick minds calculatingly test and prepare each Sprite through scenarios featuring shadowy spooks and scares and monsters.

Though the preparations of Sprites by the noble and feisty Sorcerers are suspenseful and terrifying for the little ones, they are done in kindness and mercy so the Sprites are prepared and can find joy and fulfillment while on the Mortal Realm. However, when not conducting training sessions, the Crystal Fey show great kindness and compassion for the Sprites that are struggling with their strenuous preparations.

Like the Diamons who reclaim Faeries that do not perform their duties appropriately in the Mortal Realm, Crystal Fey do the same with Sprites. For those who need more training, the Crystal Fey prepare the them again, helping them to cope with their losses and then helping to prepare them for their next iteration within the ages of mortality.


Crystal Fey as Wizards

In the Mortal Realm, Crystal Fey are known generally as Wizards. They in many ways do as they did with Sprites before their mortal birth as Wizards. 

In their travels across the expansive areas of their stewardships, Wizards assist good kings, blessing their people with magics, improved technology appropriate to their age, and even blessing them with artifacts or resources they are in need of. If there is a ruler who abuses his or her power or a group of people are evil, the Wizard has great power to afflict them to help them change for the better. If evil has grown too powerful, the Wizard has unmatched power to destroy it at its source.

As a Wizard performs their work as stewards, they continuously search for the valiant, virtuous, and loving. These they call to assist him or her in their work. Those that work with the Wizard receive a King scale that extends some of the Wizard's power to them and receive the title of Priest. A Wizard works closely with their Priests so, after their mortal life, they might rise to the Dragon rank of a Crystal Fey Sorcerer.