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What is The Grey Tavern?

How to Get Started

Experience The Grey Tavern!

Rexburg Farmers Market Adventures June 24th and July 1st

Come experience The Grey Tavern's Community Adventures!

Why come to our booth at the Farmer's Market:

- Intro Activity to get to know Grey Tavern terminology

- Fun Game that sets you up with most of what you need for other games to run smoothly

Bixi Games

- Educational fantasty games for families with children ages 4-12

-Explore topics that are hard for children to conceptualize such as the immune system, why animals act the way they do, the importance of goals, etc

-Utilizes a fantastical lense to present educational topics to stoke imagination which increases interest, understanding, and rememberance

- Exciting abilities that make mom, dad, the kids, and everyone feel powerful

- Made for the whole family to enjoy

All Bixi Games

Grey Tavern Community Adventures

Community Adventures around Rexburg, Idaho will begin by June 15th.

These Adventures will in include:

- Acquiring Character Symbols to attune to the magic of a new, fantastical realm

- Creating Spells that bond you to a powerful creature of the other realm

- Adventuring around the community as or with your creatures as a family or friend group

Behavioral Education, Goal Setting, and fun, fantastical Adventures: How do those come together at all? (Coming Soon)

Grey Taverns: Places of Adventuring, Growth, and Community

What can I do in Grey Taverns?

Grey Tavern Adventures: Lore and Gameplay

Quest Testers

The Grey Tavern is always seeking to improve and expand the possibilities of immersive gaming. Help us test new expansions to Grey Tavern games and have fun!

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