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The High Court

Guild History

The newest guild to join North Forge, the High Court’s presence is a product of the Union and little else. During Druvaris’s reign, volcanic magic ruled the day, leaving other forms of magic essentially ineffective against the might of the Lord of Ashes. But under the more democratic atmosphere of the Union, the magical beings in North Forge have had greater opportunity to employ their abilities and to rise to power…and so they have done. 

The High Court is composed of powerful practitioners of fey magic. The likes of elves, sprites, goblins, and trolls are especially drawn to gather around the High Court, as several of their royalty hold coveted courtier positions. As fey magic is given deference under the Union’s leadership, the members of the High Court have taken it upon themselves to determine which magics are or aren’t acceptable. Their edicts most specifically target fire and volcanic magic users, but they also scheme to tamper down and control all magics outside their own. Because the members of the High Court are so influential among the people of North Forge, Miren is forced to simultaneously acknowledge their authority and keep it check. This often leads to contention between her and Eldrys, the ancient, powerful Chairman of the High Court.

Members of the High Court are able to acquire and retain their influence with their abundance of charm and graceful manners. They are fair folk and skilled in the art of telling others exactly what they want to hear in order to achieve their own purposes. This is not to say that frequenters of the High Court cannot demonstrate acts of goodwill; they often do…when it suits them. These folk seek to curry favor with the most influential courtiers, as they recognize that doing so can elevate their station. Members of the High Court are cunning and crafty; if they were not, they would not survive in the duplicitous, and often treacherous, world of the Court.

You would do well in the High Court if you have a keen understanding of the nature of people and the power of reputation. In the Court, you know when you need to be friendly and tolerant and when you need to stand your ground. Members of the High Court understand this principle deeply, and they are unafraid to use it to acquire power. If you seek to join the High Court, you must rely on your wits above all else. It is important to be likeable but imperative to understand that the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. This guild is extremely exclusive, but if you believe you have the ability to earn both position and power with your charms, make your way to the High Court to test your savvy. 

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