Children of the Fey Realm: Faeries

Faeries are young Eloai children who are discovering who they are and their own strengths and weaknesses. They are eager to experience the world around them and to prepare for their first journey to the Mortal Realm.

Four Societies of Faeries


The Zera are exposed to unstable situations. They do not have a guide or guardian to help them identify their skills and talents or to acquire dragons. The Zera learn on their own. 

Though there are few that guide them, the Zera develop strong bonds with other Zera. They learn and grow together, building on each other's strengths, skills, and talents to make the most of the barren situation they are in. As Zera grow older, they take younger Zera under their wing. They know the pain of these young ones and act as the guides they wish they'd had.

Zera are individuals of great inner strength and determination. They are able to sprout in situations where there are few resources, making their environment better for others. Sometimes the Zera do not realize all they are capable of or their value as an Eloai, but they are of great potential and value for few could endure the situations they have and come out strong.


The Gefen develop in highly social situations. They have lots of other Gefen to interact with on a daily basis as they are organized into large units called Vines. Due to the many Gefen to oversee, the "parents" of these Vines do their best to provide basic nurture and care, but usually aren't able to provide these on an individual level. 

The Gefen learn from those around them. They are constantly exposed to the chaos of overlapping actions, conversations, and wills. A Gefen develops quickly from the knowledge of those around him or her and acquires a high level of skill in navigating social situations. 

Sometimes Gefens struggle with feeling unique. Yet, they are extremely unique. Though much of their experience and knowledge is gleaned from the learnings and mistakes of the Gefen around them, it is that Gefen that chooses how that knowledge is manifested through their own actions and choices. They more so than other Faeries are able to adapt to any situation. Their breadth of knowledge and experience is highly valued by the other Faeries.


The P'ri, much like the Gefen, are organized into units known as Pomes, but these units are smaller and more intimate. The parent figures in the Pomes are able to give more individual attention to the P'ri. They provide for the needs of their P'ri as well as take a great interest in fostering a P'ri's personal talents and skills.

Though the P'ri have received great attention from their caregivers, they usually do not have much exposure to social situations with their peers. As a result, P'ri oftentimes experience great anxiety in social situations.

The P'ri are known for their incredible, often specialized talents. They are beautiful Faeries that shine as great lights to those in their field. Their art, writings, and imaginations uplift and bring a smile to anyone who views the P'ri's work. 


The Balat are the strongest of Faerie kind. They, like the Zera, gain their strength from difficult situations. However, for the Balat, those that are supposed to guide them neglect their duty or are unnecessarily unkind to a Balat. Through these situations, the Balat are often left to care for and defend themselves. As a result, they gain great confidence in their physical ability and skillsets.

The Balat are Faeries of physical strength that rely upon themselves. They are individuals of great integrity and often live by a personal code of honor. They are sometimes slow to trust others. But, once trust is gained, a Balat will defend that individual with all his or her strength.