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Elder Lord: Yochanan

The Tale of the Lightbringer and the Roar of Aryeh (Part 4)

(Taken from an account found among the parchments of the Thyatira at the hidden outpost of Gid. All evidences point to the text being from one of the lost gospels of Saul the Lesser, which were removed from the commonly circulated  scriptural text of Clan Gilgal before Imperial publication. It is believed by Clan Thyatira that these passages were removed from the Source-Writ of Gilgal when it was entrusted to Clan Gaulantis 400 years ago.)

Chapter 4

1 Hearken unto me, that ye may receive rest, for I thought I saw on the right hand of the Fey Lord Yochanan, the noble and beautiful.

2 Her light did shine in lesser portion to the glory of the Fey Lord, but that I perceived light at all in mine eyes while gazing upon the Fey Lord, in the manner of the Kortul, did cause me to fear. For what manner of being, save the Eldest himself can be alight and dare to show forth glory in discernable measure in the presence of the Fey Lord. 

3 And when she did step forward, I saw that that Balefire burned from her eyes and mouth. And when she did seek to lay a hand upon me, I did shrink. For I did fear her glory and beauty.

4 Her majesty was greater than all the noble caravans of my people, yea, all the gold of my people could not buy cure nor compare to the terrible beauty of that Fey's fire. 

5 Fear not, she bade, and, when my wretched name passed from her lips, I would that I had not been a being of such wretched folly.

6 But she did comfort me and her glory did she repress until we were alone in the darkness, somewhere between the shadows of my room and the glory of that vision.

7 She then spoke of my family and my servants. She spoke at length about my many animals, which thing caused me astonishment that she would care of my hobbies and my passions.

8 For this was Yochanan, the dragon who led our Fey parents into this land of despair, and now she spoke with me as a man speaks with another man, save the fire of her visage never lost its fullness.

9 Seeing my astonishment carry forth, she lifted her wings unto me and said, pluck a feather from my wing. I being obedient, and stretching forth my hand, I did take hold of a feather and drew forth the blade...


The Beautiful One, Lady of Fire is the third of the Eldest's Elder Lords. She stands in council with the Fey Lord on behalf of the Volcanic Realm, acting as an overseer over the domain of souls, and the keeper of children. 

Those that earn Yochanan's Crown Scale assist her in protecting and caring for the innumerable inhabitants and Eloai of the turbulent and roiling Volcanic Realm.