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Elder Lord: Ya'akov

The Tale of the Lightbringer and The Roar of Aryeh (Part 3)

(According to the Tablets of the Padan)

Chapter 5

1 From the outer reach of the fiery threshold came the second, who, by distinction is known as Ya'akov, but his force is that of fire and his valiance is that of the sun.

2 His luster melts stone, and his glory turns the ground to glass.

3 A being of vengeance. A trial against the wicked. A hardship against the very foundations of evil itself.

4 In his eyes do none who work against the Lord of the Fey wish to find themselves held fixed, for he is the Wolf of Flame. His prey is the terrible and his howl is the breaker of the sandy bedrock of sin.

5 Spell breakers and deceivers shall fear the morning of the hunt. For in that day he shall find the throat of the wicked and he shall tear the flesh of the violator.

6 He is the sentinel of Balefire's edge and should his patrol find you teasing at its warmth, he shall not spare, but shall drag thee down to his den where you shall be divided as a hunter's spoil.



The second of the Elder Lords. He patrols the outer zones of the Volcanic Realm for any who would dare creep within to snatch one of the innocent spirits of the Fey Lords. He is known for his lack of mercy against such particularly heinous violators of Balefire's decree. His howl is known to destabilize the very fabric of magic that binds the spirit together: a power forbidden to all but the most stalwart of the keepers of the Lion's will and the most zealous defenders of the Fey Lord's children. Ya'akov is forbidden from traveling to the Mortal Realm, for if he ventured, he would consume the entirety of its surface in flame.

There are few that earn a Crown Scale of Ya'akov, for they must be as diligent and loyal as he to be trusted to help him protect the Volcanic Realm from intruders and evils.