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Elder Lord: Cephas

The Tale of the Lightbringer and the Roar of Aryeh (Part 2)

(Taken from a unique account of the chapters of creation confiscated from a silver priest making his way south from Rephaim with contraband spell books. The Processing Inquisitor was puzzled by its references to a being known as the "The Fey King", unsure if this is alluding to the "Aryeh" or another being.)

Chapter 4

1 From the bowels of the Deep Fire rises the greatest of the servants of the Lion. His strength and might are only matched by the lighted glow of the primordial fire that wraps about his glorious form.

2 Then the serpent looked down upon his transgression and did fear what he had done. 

3 And this great servant, yea, even the great dragon Cephas, declared unto the serpent, Begone, Dolios, son of a broken spell.

4 Begone from this place of light, or I shall return thee with me to the bowels of that hell, even the light and heat of our master, in whose belly shall thou be consumed due to thy violation of thy spell given thee from the beginning. 

5 Oh, Dolios, thou son of a broken spell, how could thou have trespassed the mighty one who gave you life. Yea, who poured life into your frame and whose love drew you from the grasp of destruction upon the eve of yesteryear.

6 How could you forget so soon the deliverance of your soul from the grasp of the Deceiver. Now you have become he. Putting on the mantel of destruction for not.

7 Could temptation not afflict just one generation?

8 Then Cephas conjured forth the Deep Fire, that it wrapped about his frame, yea, the frame of the serpent, and from the heart of the Fey Lord's lands was he thrust. Yea, down to the land of shadow and void.

9 By the power of the Deep Fire did Cephas expel this blot from the starlight and domain of the Fey King's realm, to be a scourge in the roil of the infinite void, not knowing the plans laid about by Dolios to gain hold upon the power of the Eldest, even to possess the whole of the Throne. 


Chapter Synopsis

Cephas is the greatest of the Elder Lords of the Eldest, possessing an unparalleled understanding of the primary principles of Balefire. Cephas obeys the desires of the Eldest without hesitation, knowing that the power of Balefire's might is predicated on true and complete justice and obedience. This exactness provides Cephas with a nearly impervious coat of protection against the intensity of Balefire's flame. The heat and intensity at which she can tread amidst the depths of Balefire's light is both a feat that is coveted and feared among the enemies of the Eldest.

Only those who have proved themselves loyal to the Eldest are considered worthy to be trusted with a portion of Cephas's power. This power is shared through the Crown Scale of Cephas.