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Dragon: The Wrym

Dragon Description

The Wyrm is the cut off head of a Hydra. It retains the regenerative powers of the Hydra, but instead of growing a Hydra body, it grows a long tail-like body. The Wyrm head still holds the crystal with its specific set of knowledge. Mortals can pull information from these heads. However, if mortals misuse the information or obtain information they shouldn’t, the Wyrm that held that knowledge is responsible for removing the knowledge from the plane and gathering those who knew it.

Brief Narrative

I believe that knowledge should be shared with everyone. All knowledge. I’ve worked hard to develop a technology that shares this knowledge.

Just as we can upload the data inside a Hydra’s head using magic and technology, we can now upload everyone’s knowledge to a database everyone in the plane has access to. 

Tomorrow it shall be launched. My dream and my hard work will be revealed and the plane shall be better for it.

That was my thought anyway as I tried to calm my nerves and excitement for the next day enough to sleep. I was looking out my window on the plane below who had no idea what was coming when Hydra’s head appeared before me, floating on the other side of my window.

I was too shocked to move. It took me a while to realize that it was nodding its head at my window latch. Slowly I opened the window.

“May I come in,” the dragon asked? “I wish to talk with you about your device.”

I nodded. I was still mute from shock but was excited to talk with something about my creation. I stepped away from the window and the Hydra head flew in. It’s long tail behind it meant the head had grown into its Wyrm state many years before.

I sat and awaited what the mighty dragon of knowledge would say. I could see the access ports scattered over its head. 

The dragon held my gaze. “I need to ask you not to release your product tomorrow.” 

“Why would I do that? You’re a dragon who shares its knowledge with the plane. Wouldn’t you want everyone to have access to what you know?”

The dragon hovered, it’s tail sliding back and forth slowly. “Yes and no.”

At this point, I was angry. “Yes and no? I need a clearer answer than that!”

“I understand. You’ve spent many hours on this project and with good intent, but I must ask you not to share your creation.” The dragon took a breath. “Knowledge is a great blessing as you know. It has improved the lives of so many but it can also be used to harm many in many ways. Simply, the plane isn’t ready for your creation.”

“I don’t understand.” Tears cooled by flustered cheeks.

“The knowledge that my Hydra source and I share is for betterment of a plane. It is so mortals, wizards, and sorcerers can progress and be the Eldest’s. But knowledge is most useful when everyone can combine it with their own unique experience. If everyone is provided all this, the information will be squandered. It will not be used and the inhabitants of this plane will not progress.”

The dragon paused. “I know your intentions are good, but do you understand why I must ask you to not share your technology?”

“I think so.”

“Will you share it?”

I took a moment to answer. “No, I won’t.”


“Can I ask a question?” I meet the Wyrm’s eye again.

“Of course.”

“Will I ever be able to share it?”

“No, but I can tell you this. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn all. But it will be at their own pace and line upon line. It may not be as instant as your technology, but they will learn if they choose to.”

I couldn’t help the smile that came to my lips. “That is good to hear.”

The dragon went to the window but paused before leaving. “I wonder, is there a way that your technology could be used to teach in this way?”

My brain immediately began working on the subject. “I-I think so.” I ran to my work room and started to draw out my initial thoughts. I didn’t notice the Wyrm leave.