Dragon: The Wisp

Dragon Description

The Wisp is an aquatic sibling of the Alpha. It’s four legs are close to the body and its wings are great fins. This dragon is the protector of sacred sites within the ocean and keeps those who aren’t ready from entering for their own good and safety. Wisps also search the oceans for those in the aqueous races that are ready to ascend.

Brief Narrative

Mine is the call of the parasite. Though I have evolved from my ancestors’ form into one more capable of putting in order the demons of this ocean realm, my call remains the same.

I have done my best to uphold my task. 

In the waters of the Ocean, as I returned home from handling a demon matter, I saw a majestic dragon of a kind I’d never seen before. It had two great fins, the one in front being bigger than the ones in the back. It had four feet that only extended a little way from its body. Its head was similar to that of a crocodile. 

At first afraid, I hurried away, propelling through the water. 

But a voice called out to me. It was a voice of kindness and love, yet animal in its accent and tone, a combination that I’d never heard before from a creature.

The water dragon called and asked me to return. She had something she wished to ask me. Hesitant but not sensing any deceit, I approached the dragon. 

What is it you’ve been doing? That’s the question she asked me. I thought it a silly question. I thought it obvious.

I remained silent because of my thoughts. 

She asked me what was wrong. Why I wouldn’t answer.

I told her that I was doing as all my kind do.

And what is that, she asked?

I answered that it was to protect the plane.

Her draconic eyes studied me for a moment. Then she asked, why do you protect this plane?

It is what I was tasked to do. That was my response.

Is that the only reason?

I thought a moment before answering. I answered that it was my family’s heritage. That the plane had given me and my family and opportunity to live. It would be wrong of me to not protect it in return, would it not?

Would you like to do more? Her fins moved slowly as she kept her great form facing me.

More, I asked?

Yes, much much more. If you come with me, you can help the plane as a dragon does and prepare many more, including your children, to protect the plane with the same valiant heart as you do. Would you like that?

I went with her to where I was transformed, added upon, with new and expanded abilities and capacities to protect my home.