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Dragon: The Thief

Dragon Description

The Thief has a diverse set of unique abilities. One of these is the ability to take on a humanoid form. This dragon also holds the key to interplanear travel. It will travel around the universe finding those on Deceiver-controlled planes that have not fallen to him and bring them to its plane of origin. The Thief is a clever dragon that also travels to other planes to hide hurtful or evil technology so it is not used on others.

Brief Narrative

I sat alone in my cell as I had for the last eight years. My captures forced me to use my Crystal Fey expertise in insect dormancy and technology to create a drug that puts people into inactive states for long periods of time.

I could tell we were getting close to the drug but despite my efforts to slow or stop the process. I hated myself for what I’d done.

I was weeping for I knew that my captors did not have good intentions for this drug. And I was the hand giving to them. Outside my cell, I heard a faint popping and thud sound. The next moment, the key turned in the door and my cell was opened.

Outside stood two younger men. They both wore dark clothes, but surprisingly had little technology on their person or as enhancements to their bodies. From what he could tell, they actually had no enhancements, which was uncommon. But he had been locked up for eight years. However, one had more animalistic features.

The non animalistic man had a bright, clever smile. “You ready to get outta here? Or’ve you enjoyed you stay?” He eyed the containing band on my upper arm. “I’d say not.”

“Get him out of that, Pahoran.” The other instructed and turned around to watch the hallway. The other nodded and came and sat next to me. I noted that he didn’t have the deemination key or hacking equipment to remove the band.

“I’m not going anywhere.” The two men stilled and looked at me. “You don’t have any equipment on you. They’ll find out about us soon and you won’t-“ 

There was a quiet pop as the magical energy of my band powered down. “Just needed a few little prods.” The man stood and held out his hand to me. “You ready to go?”

“Who are you?” I looked at the cuff in surprise.

“People that need your help.” Pahoran knelt in front of me. “Not in the way you’ve been forced to for the last eight years. We need it for interplanear transportation. Only you have the no how to make that technology.”

I still held my band in my hand. “But how did you do this?”

Pahoran grinned. I saw the other chuckled behind him. The animalistic man muttered something about people always giving Pahoran a chance to show off. 

Pahoran reached out to touch the band where it clasped together. Energy shot from his finger into the band, re-energizing it. 

I dropped it. “I know what you are. You’re a Thief. A dragon!” I couldn’t believe I was meeting a dragon.

“That’s right. But lets not stop that from getting you outta here.” Pahoran stood again and offered me his hand. “Will you help us?”

I took his hand. Soon we shall have interplanear ships prepared with sleeping chambers that allow for the same crew to arrive that left our plane.