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Dragon: The Shenlung

Dragon Description

The Shenlung is a great serpentine dragon of the oceans. It defends the world from the wrath of the Great Old Ones and from their forbidden knowledge being obtained by mortals. Once a Leviathan is born, the Shenlung trains it and its parasites on their task as protectors of their plane.

Brief Narrative

My brother did not share all about this awesome and great transformation of an unknowable creature into a wonderful leviathan we witnessed and took part in. When the first party sent to gather the information needed to make the first act of completion, they were joined in their return by a Shenlung. 

This great, scaled serpent dove into the battle of the Basilisk and Great Old One. It physical participation was limited as it helped to directly place the magic our dragon and other sorcerers cast on the creature. 

As it did so, the Shenlung dragon talked with the forming leviathan. I heard it teach the leviathan the use its new physical form. I heard the Shenlung teach how to better fight, defends itself, and defeat its enemy. Most importantly, the Shenlung taught the Leviathan about the plane, its purpose, and inspired it to protect her with its new form and skill.

When the Leviathan was completed and the Basilisk rested, the Shenlung continued its instruction. It’s greatly armored body, power, instinct, and knowledge helped the dragon to continue its instruction for this planes newest protector. For there were many Leviathans and many more formed every day to protect our home plane.

When the Leviathan was completed, many smaller parasitic forms removed themselves form the Leviathon in a great swarm. The Shenlung taught them their great purpose as protectors as well.

Though the instruction was not something I could completely understand in my mortal form, I know the purpose of protecting this plane is great for it is my task and those of my people as well.