Dragon: The Kinlung

As the Deceiver etched the last rune upon the Eldest’s throne, the Kinlung roared from the earth! It drove the Deceiver to the void and carried his followers to the darkest of pits.
- Passage from the Book of the 1st Season

Dragon Description

Made by the plane to expel the Deceiver and his magics from it, the Kinlung is vicious as it eradicates evil. It’s long serpentine form and bloodied teeth are wisely depicted in many of the tales told by the children of men to remind them the Kinlung’s merciless hunt never ceases.

Brief Narrative

I saw it. I saw the dragon of the night. The vicious dragon of blood and vanishment. 

The stories our parents told us on long winter night or by firelight is true. The great snarling, snapping dragon with a wolf’s head exists.

It was large and terrible. It’s wolf head hovered in the air before me over two cowering men. But its body continued on and on. I saw its thick body weaving through the village’s homes. Its teeth were wet with blood.

I knew the two men under the Kinlung’s hateful eye. One was a popular man, a military man who

Before my eyes, the Kinlung in one moment snapped up one man and grasped the other with the end of it’s long tail from behind. The one in the tail was brought to the Kinlung’s mouth, but instead of consuming the man, the dragon blew a sharp breath onto him. The man instantly fell unconscious. It had happened so fast, neither man cried out.

The next moment, the enormous dragon was gone. Only a low snarl echoed. A warning to the evil.