All "Retired" artifacts will become available Nov 4th - Jan 1st

Dragon: The Hydra

Dragon Description

The Hydra is a multi-headed dragon. Within each of its heads is a crystal that can be accessed and mined for knowledge from past planes. In order to receive the knowledge, a requester must perform a quest. Upon successfully completing a quest, the requester removes one of the Hydra’s heads. In its place grows many more, all with new and various information in their crystals.

Brief Narrative

On a new, yet old land that floats high in the air, a young woman explores. She spends weeks and months there, learning from long gone civilizations. She sees strange symbols, magic words, and equipment that she has little ability to learn.

Eventually, she takes refuge from severe weather in an underground structure. Not one to sit and wait, she explored what she could. A few hours into her search, she emerged into a grand room. 

Unlike everywhere else on this realm, she felt as if a presence was there. That someone was in the room with her.

She was about to leave when she was surrounded by many heads. Who are you, they ask? The cacophony of voices was nearly overpowering.

I am Mariam. I am from the plane below.”

“Why are you here?”

“I was sent to learn about this plane. What are you?”

“Light the room and you will see.”

Mariam spent a few minutes finding the wood and equipment necessary to light the room. When she did, she saw a creature unlike any other. It was a dragon with many, many heads. All of them watched her and seemed pleased. The many heads were attached by long necks to a wide and girthsome body.

“I am a Hydra. I come to share knowledge, vast knowledge with this plane, your plane. Will you help me to do it, Mariam?”

“Help you how?”

“I have been watching you and you have been obedient. If you are willing, I will bond with you and you shall cut off my heads and teach others how to gain knowledge from them.”

“I can’t cut off your head. Uh, any of them.”

“But I will let you and you must if this plane is to continue to progress and stand firm. It is the Eldest’s will and the will of the Parents of your plane that this knowledge be shared.”

“Parents of my plane. What do you mean?”

“This plane was created and is nurtured by a Father and Mother, that care for the plane and all its creations including you. As you have been obedient, they wish to bless you with a spirit like theirs and to bless you with the opportunity and ability to be their child and to become like them. They love you. And their Eldest loves you and has taken on Balefire that you may become like them and return to them. This is the great and most important knowledge that I will share with your plane. Will you help me do it, Mariam?”

“Yes, I will. Please teach me how.” Mariam watches as a head snaked through the others to its chest. With its teeth, the dragon pried the largest scale over its heart off. The head then extended and offered the scale to her. She accepted it.

“I will teach you and you shall teach me. Together we shall teach the plane this great message!”