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Dragon: The Beetle

Born in the molten roiling mass of the plane’s Deep Flame, the Beetle emerged as its mother’s forger and first great defender.
- Passage from the Book of the 1st Season

Dragon Description

The Beetle has immense physical capacity unto the lifting of the planes themselves. In it’s might, it forms mountains and great tracts for rivers to flow within. In its mighty love for its mother, the Beetle will defend her with all its awesome power, even unto death.

Brief Narrative

Early in the summer, I began my training as a wizard, learning the words of magic and spells and learning of the various and many creatures unto my master’s care. As the leaves were turning their autumn colors, I felt I was nowhere further than when I had began. I had talked with my parents, practiced sorcerers, but they had seemed unable to help me grasp the Fey magics nor the tasks of caring for the plane. I journeyed into the forest near my home to talk with the dragon and get his insight.

As I did, I tried to be diligent in my study of the enormous ants, dragonflies, bees, and other insects that crossed my path. After a ways, I took note of these creatures suddenly stopping their tasks and looking upward and to the south.

Immediately afterwards, the creatures did many strange things. Some stayed put, some ran to the great trees they protected and hid inside. Some burrowed into the earth and covered themselves. Some of the mammal creatures huddled together and some attempted to wrap themselves in foliage. 

Next, I felt cold. A winter cold. A biting wind blew through my clothes and the creatures around me seemed to shudder as one. I wondered at the cold as it was too early for winter. 

Suddenly, a ways off, there was a loud booming noise as if many great trees had fallen as one. The sound was followed by a violent shaking of the earth. More, slightly less violent shaking occurred at a slow pace, as a gigantic creature approached. As it moved closer, the cold intensified.

Fear froze my body. I could think of no creature that large. My mind couldn’t fathom it.

Even as it came into view, the creature’s massiveness was still incomprehensible. From between the trees came a creature so large that for a moment I thought I was seeing a walking mountain. This mountain was its back. While it’s head was lower to the ground, it’s body, starting at the neck, rose quickly to an immense height. At it’s crest, the creature’s back fell just as quickly until a long tail protruded from the backend to drag for a great distance behind it. 

The creature moved its head, examining the creatures around me. With each breath the creature took, I felt the winter breeze hit me and make the other creatures whimper and retreat further into their sanctuaries.

The creature turned and walked a little to the west. As it did, a deep, rock-grinding voice was heard to say, “The insects are learning. Their dormant process is taking effect. The mammals are not prepared.”

A much smaller figure, that I hadn’t noticed before, moved away from the colossal creature. It was my dragon master. He went to the mammals and I witnessed Crystal Fey magic used on the creatures.

Remembering my purpose in coming to the forest, I approached him. Seeing my approach, he waved me over. “Join me! We shall teach these creatures how to grow their winter coats.”

I hesitated. My attention was still on the mountainous form slowly moving through the forest. “Master, what is that? I’ve never seen an insect like it.”

“That’s the Beetle. He’s a dragon who helps me determine what these creatures need.”

“Is that why it’s cold? Is it using your magic?” I knelt down eagerly next to my master, but my attention remained on the dragon.

“He has his own magic.” He stroked the head of the creature he worked with.

“Could I work with him? The dragon?”

My master grinned. “If you learn how to use this magic and fulfill the tasks I give you, you will bond with your own dragon.”

“My own?” I and my master watched as the great dragon paused its trek. The creatures around it retreated from it, intimidated by its cold and ita size.

“Shall we practice?” My master held out a rabbit to me. He tutored me personally for the rest of the day. We followed the great Beetle and followed his instructions.