Dragon: The Basilisk

Dragon Description

The Basilisk is born among the stars. It’s vast knowledge and experience obtained from its birth place makes this dragon uniquely capable of healing what is incomplete. Their greatest foe and mission is Great Old Ones found in a plane's ocean depths. The Basilisk uses its healing magics and experience to complete the forms of these Great Old Ones and the parasitic creatures that live on the Great Old Ones. Once completed, the Great Old Ones become Leviathans and the greatest protectors of a plane while parasites also become protectors and the beginning of aqueous life. Without the Basilisk, the Great Old Ones and their parasites would not realize their potential.

Brief Narrative

Today, I saw for the first time the great Basilisk of legend. I swam with my brother and sisters under the direction of our dragon down into the depth and deepest and darkest areas of the ocean. 

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw movement. Movement of great and alien appendages thrashing in the pressured water of the deep.  

My mind still cannot fully comprehend what I saw. One of the creatures was one of strange shape and proportion. It had several great, pincered legs and arms. Its tail was long and thin with the agility of an octopus tentacle but the piercing accuracy of [insert a creature]. Its head was the most horrific and alien. It had multiple heads: one great one and many smaller serpentish ones.

Although alien it was beautiful. It bore the deep greens of seaweed and browns of the earth. The bright blue of the sky. It had colors of the many coral and pearls found in the ocean. At some turns and twists, the creature even seems to possess colors of sunlight on clouds.

The other was, well I’m not sure what it was. It seemed more a mass loosely held together. No one physical things seemed to touch another. It seemed to have things that would not naturally go together like many tentacles by mouths of sharks. This creature more than the other confused my mind and sent fear into my bones and heart.

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The next several months, I watched the tremendous and terrible battles between these two creatures. We were responsible for keeping the bigger fish and whales and squids away from this conflict, though the blood drew many creatures. 

There were times when the Basilisk would turn focus on our dragon. She would then send a few of us to the surface with specific instructions of where to go and what to look for. They went to the dragon dwelling places of the Moon and the stars. When they returned, they and the dragon used their magic and knowledge from the moon or stars and some part of the incomplete creature the Basilisk fought joined.

Slowly, the creature took form. I did this mission to the moon twice during this time period. The creature began to take a long and mighty form. It’s skin became that of a sharks. Its fins and tentacles joined with its body and it became a great and powerful creature.

All at once the conflict stopped. The creature was now complete and the Basilisk rested of its injuries. The new creature then spoke unto us and shared many great and wonderful things, many secrets and mysteries of the plane and universe that I will not share here but shall remember forever.