Dragon: The Alpha

The Alpha soars above the heads of men, reminding them of what all can attain if they pass its judgement.
- Passage from the Book of the 1st Season

Dragon Description

The Alpha are four-legged dragons with majestic wings and wingspans. Their great feathered wings are always unfurled as they soar over a plane seeking mortals who are ready to ascend and mercifully turning away those who aren’t.

Brief Narrative

Thirty year ago, a sorcerer had given me an orb with my task inscribed on its surface. The instructions were to use the magic within the orb to help a small cluster of trees in the north forest diversify from the others of its species by growing leaves with five points and rougher bark.

Today and at the end of years I was supposed to complete this task within, I stand before my trees and they all grow rougher bark and five-pointed leaves.

A great shadow passed over my little grove. I ran into my grove and, squatting among them, I looked up. A great dragon hovered over me. I first took note of its wings. Covered in glorious feathers, the wings of this dragon spread seemingly from one horizon to the other, great wings that could hold my little grove of twelve trees on just feather.

The dragon landed before my grove. It’s eagle eyes focused on me. Calling my name, he called me out. I stood and stood before my grove facing the four-legged beast. 

He looked over my trees and asked what I had done here. I told him of my task and showed him the orb that was now empty of magic, being all used for the growth of my trees. He asked how it was done. I told him of the thirty years I had spent coaxing the trees and watching their progress daily. I told him of the magic that I gave little by little to task when my little grove needed a push that I was incapable of myself to give.

The dragon looked at me and with eyes that seemed to smile said that it was well. Then, he told me that he found me worthy of progression and ascension. He asked if this was what I wanted.

I told him I did. 

He told bade me bury my orb in the middle of my grove to return it to the plane. When this was done, he instructed me to climb onto his back. When I had, he took off, not by the power of his wings but by another force.

He took me to a high mountain. One landed, he had me climb off him and stand before him. He told me that I could now become a sorcerer as long as I agreed to meld with a Fey soul, to carry for it, and to become one with it. I agreed. From within the crook of its wing, a form of light emerged and walked toward me until it stepped into me.

I could hear its voice in my head thanking me for being obedient and good and for accepting it.

Being slightly overwhelmed with these events but grateful, I was surprised when the dragon spoke to me again. He told me that he would like to bond with me and the Fey and asked if this was pleasing to us. Being humbled to be sought out by this dragon, I agreed. As did the Fey. 

A particularly large scale over his heart glowed. The brightness intensified until I could not stand to look. After a moment, he told me to look. 

Before me hovered the scale. He bade me to put it on. He told me that this scale would help to bind me, the Fey, and the dragon’s posterity. Then he instructed me to show my little grove to the Fey and that we should continue my work together. 

The great dragon flew us back. When he flew away, I watched the great dragon with his great wings soar high over the plane.