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Dragon: Abaddon

Dragon Description

Abaddon is a great wolf dragon. He serves the Eldest and the Lion in the work of destroying planes that have fallen to the Deceiver. Abaddon leads interplanear campaigns of war against these planes. For the planes he doesn’t conquer, Abaddon marks them for destruction by Omega. Before the campaigns begin, Abaddon works with the dragon family lines on its plane of origin. Each of these lines develops their own technology to bring to the war effort. Abaddon oversees their work.

Brief Narrative

It was a day the whole plane shook. Only the far off tower stood still. 

Next came a roaring growl that made my frame quake. When I looked up, I saw a great wolf flying overhead. As he approached and passed over me, I heard his message and my heart took courage.

“Children of the plane and Kortul, I am Abaddon, the great draconic wolf who has watched and grown with you since the plane’s creations.” 

“You are called to gather. Gather in your families. Gather your talents. Gather all that you have. The last Great War has come. The Eldest and your Parents call you forth to serve in this Great War and redeem planes and peoples from the Deceiver's power.”

“Gather with your families. Your patriarch or matriarch will be given more information. “

“Gather! Gather now!”

Thus the Great War effort to save other planes began.