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Discord Rules - All Channels

The purpose of the “North Forge: Adventure Coordination & Discussion” server is to coordinate with other adventurers, have fun with the community, and discuss the unfolding story & lore.

Minor Offenses

Those who commit a minor offense will receive 3 warnings before receiving a 30 day temporary ban. In addition to the ban, you will receive 1 Major Infraction. Every 3 months, a warning will be removed from your warning count, so long as you have not acquired a new warning within that time. 

  • No rude, vulgar or bullying language
  • No sexual language
  • Don't post someone's personal information without permission
  • No inappropriate nicknames
  • No inappropriate profile pictures
  • No offensive profile pictures
  • Moderators & Judicators reserve the right to change nicknames
  • No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them)
  • No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc
  • Always respect your peers and their opinions, never start drama over religion, race, gender, culture etc.
  • No spamming in any of the channels.
  • Disagreements with a Moderator’s decision should be discussed with the Judicators. Not in an open forum or in a public channel.
  • Do not ping everyone unless you are an Admin, Guild Master or Judicator
  • Voice frustrations and feedback on North Forge quests only in #quest-feedback channel
  • You may add titles you’ve unlocked to your adventurer’s name.
  • You may not add titles you haven’t earned or titles from outside North Forge Adventures
  • Each user should only have 1 account. Additional accounts must be removed.

Major Offenses

Those who commit a Major Offense will receive a Major Infraction and will receive a 30 day temporary ban. If you receive 2 Major Infractions, you will be banned permanently from the server. Major Infractions are not removed.

  • No sexually explicit profile pictures
  • No sexual language involving a minor
  • No sexual harassments
  • No inviting unofficial bots.

Instant Ban

Do not engage in illegal activity on the server or you will be instantly banned.

Your go-to if you have questions or concerns:

  • Ask a Fantasy Smith if you require assistance with gameplay or to report a technical problem with the website or discord
  • Ask for a moderator if wish to discuss a rule or to report a violation of a rule

Please Provide Evidence of Infractions:

For your own safety, please keep correspondence with other members of Grey Tavern Servers within their appropriate channels. When making a complaint, please provide screenshots and similar evidence of the infractions you are reporting or the concern you are raising. We cannot enforce accusations with no evidence.